5 Reasons To Sell Gift Cards This Holiday Season

\"HandDo you really need another list of reasons to sell gift cards during the holiday season? Well, if you don’t yet sell gift cards in your store, then you clearly do! The holiday shopping season is upon us. And Canadians have about a month left to do all of their gift buying. Many of them haven’t even started yet. And you can bet that they’ll be looking for some of the easiest, stress-free ways to please their loved ones.

The ease and convenience of buying a gift card is just one reason you should allow your customers to do so. Also, consider the fact that you’ll be earning money for items you haven’t even sold yet. When a gift card is sold, you get paid. But you haven’t let any products leave your store! The gift card recipient is required to come back in order to make use of the card. That enables you to make even more money from your new visitor.

Here are five reasons to sell gift cards this holiday season:

1. It encourages referrals. The selling of a gift card is arguably the best way for your company to get a referral. Each time someone hands another person a gift card as a gift, it makes the following statement: “I recommend this store”. It has often been said that there is no better type of promotion than “word of mouth” promotion. We’d argue that a gift card trumps that. It practically insists that a person check out the store the gift card is from.

2. It builds your customer base. The selling of a gift card is also an excellent opportunity to welcome a new customer into your store. When that person arrives, it’s up to you to make the type of impression that will convert that shopper into a loyal supporter. Taking advantage of all of those referrals this holiday season will go a long way into turning a usually slow period in January into a much busier time for your business.

3. It increases your average transaction size. Most gift cards are sold in particular denominations. $25, $50 and $100 are often the most popular. Statistics show, however, that most people spend more than the amounts on their gift cards. We all know that most purchases don’t come to those exact figures. And people would much rather use up the money on their cards than “waste” it. This benefits you as your average transactions sizes will increase, as a result.

4. It builds brand recognition. It’s common knowledge that the majority of “big name” businesses sell gift cards. And there’s no shortage of business types that sell them either. Restaurants, sporting goods stores, department stores, electronics shops – the list goes on and on. When you sell gift cards, you join a long list of reputable brands that are recognized as being top choices in their respective industries.

5. It invites sales from unlikely customers. Remember that gift cards are just that – gifts. They are generally purchased by individuals who will be giving them to other people. That means that selling gift cards is bound to lure people into your store who wouldn’t normally enter it. On Inc.com, Tamara Schweitzer provides an example of this using the spa industry, which is dominated by female clientele.

“Many spa owners report that it is usually men who are buying spa gifts for the women in their lives and need some direction about what to buy,” she reveals. Christmas is just one month away. Today would be the perfect day to order gift cards to sell in your store. Don’t hesitate to contact Canadian POS Corporation to place your order. Call 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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