5 Reminders Of Why You Should Sell Gift Cards

\"stackCould there possibly be a better time of year than now to sell gift cards to your customers? With Christmas, Hanukkah and a number of other joyous occasions quickly approaching, practically our entire nation is out shopping. And what do people buy when they’re not exactly sure what to buy? You guessed it. Gift cards! As a business owner, there’s no need to worry about what some people say about gift cards.

“They’re impersonal” or “they’re lazy” are often things people say about the concept of giving a gift card to a loved one. Consider instead the fact that gift cards are “the perfect gifts” since they allow recipients to literally buy anything they like from the stores that the cards came from. Let’s put it this way. If you’re not selling gift cards this holiday season, you are certainly bound to miss out on a whole lot of sales!

Now, it’s not like we haven’t blogged about this topic before. But with the holidays just a few short weeks away, we thought it important to remind you about the various benefits that come along with selling gift cards to your customers. There are, of course, many ways that gift cards can benefit your business. But, in today’s blog, we’ll offer five reminders as to why you should definitely sell them this holiday season.

1. Attract new customers. Consider the fact that a gift card from your store is a literal recommendation. There are bound to be occasions when people receive your gift cards who have never visited your store before. By offering these cards for sale, you encourage new customers to begin walking through your doors. Use them in promotional mailings and offer them as charitable donations to draw in brand new clientele.

2. Increase your sales. Our clients often regale us with stories about how much extra money they make after introducing gift cards as products in their stores. On average, a gift card recipient will end up spending 25 per cent more than the value of the card he or she uses in-store. Consider the fact that you can also use your gifts to provide credits when people bring in returns. That way, you guarantee that the money will be spent in your store and not elsewhere.

3. Encourage repeat business. People become fans of particular stores after they enjoy their experiences with them. With gift cards bringing more people into your store, you have the opportunity to develop more customer relationships. It’s important to take advantage of each and every new interaction as they could turn into loyal support for the long haul. Consider giving out gift cards to your most loyal customers to further encourage repeat business.

4. Cash in on the holidays. As mentioned, the holiday season is probably the best time of year to offer gift cards to your customers. It should go without saying that they make perfect holiday gifts. Gift cards make it easy. Shoppers don’t have to worry about the right sizes or colours. Gift cards allow people to easily complete their shopping and pass along items that they know will be used and appreciated.

5. Easy to set up. Our gift cards come with a complete package of marketing features. They include simple administration and top-notch security to make program management very easy and cost-effective. Don’t hesitate in making gift cards your company’s next biggest feature this holiday season. You’ll be happy that you did. Contact Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 today!

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