5 Top Benefits Of Offering Pay At Table At Your Restaurant

\"BeautifulIn our last blog, we highlighted the fact that Canadians enjoy eating at restaurants. Certainly, that’s not headline news. What is of greater interest to restaurant owners is the fact that they can vastly improve the dining experiences had by their customers if they offer Pay At Table options. By using wireless terminals to accept credit cards and debit cards, the payment process is made so much quicker and easier than it used to be.

Here are five of the top benefits of offering Pay At Table:

1. It enables a variety of payment options. By allowing your wait staff to bring your wireless terminals to the tables of your customers, you open your business up to accepting a wide range of payment types. They include credit cards, debit cards, EMV “chip” cards and even gift cards. Many terminals, including the Verifone VX680 offered by Canadian POS Corporation, also allow for “tap and go” contactless payment capabilities.

2. It increases your profits. The quicker you’re able to accept payments from your customers, the more customers you’ll be able to serve. It’s no secret that people hate waiting. However, there are many times when there may be people waiting to get seats in your restaurant. Busy days including Mother’s Day, for example, are days when you’ll want to maximize the use of your tables. Pay At Table technology can help you to do that.

3. It minimizes the potential for fraud. In our last blog, we mentioned that occurrences of fraud have significantly dropped since wireless payment options were introduced into the fold. Guests are now able to immediately pay for their meals without letting go of their cards. Without having their cards leave their hands, there is a lot less worry about charges being placed on their accounts without authorization. This is a benefit to both your customers and your place of business.

4. It improves customer service. The best waiters in the restaurant business know the importance of face time. They know that it’s important to regularly check in on their guests, ensuring that their drinks are often refilled and they are enjoying their meals. When waiters are able to offer Pay At Table options, it gives them even more time to interact with your customers. That way, they can offer pleasantries that leave lasting impressions. This encourages more return visits.

5. It makes accounting for tips so much easier. When customers use wireless terminals, they are able to punch in the amounts of their tips immediately. That way, your overall operations are improved. There is no need to make end-of-day tip adjustments. This process is often listed among the “annoying things” that meal servers have to do as part of their jobs. At least, it’s not something they should have to do anymore!

At Canadian POS Corporation, we offer the Veriffone VX680 as the ideal Pay At Table terminal for restaurants. As mentioned, bringing the terminal to the cardholder greatly improves the customer experience as well as cardholder security. Our great wireless terminals are ready for the acceptance of all card types, protecting you and your customers from unnecessary counterfeit card fraud.

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