6 Super Customer Service Solutions

\"1-cs-good\"If you’re going to provide your customers with top-notch customer service, there’s only one way to truly be successful at it. At least, that’s what we think, here at Canadian POS Corporation. You have to think like a customer. After all, that shouldn’t be too hard considering that we’re all customers of various businesses out there. How do you like to be treated when you’re shopping?

On About.com, Susan A. Friedmann writes about “The Ten Commandments of Great Customer Service”. In today’s blog, we’d like to review of few of those ideas. At Canadian POS Corporation, we believe so strongly in making the customer number one. It’s important to make clients feel like they matter. Because the truth is – they do! So here’s how to make sure you’re showing your customers just that.

Be a good listener. “Take the time to identify customer needs by asking questions and concentrating on what the customer is really saying,” insists Friedmann. In other words, make your customers your bosses. Listen to what they have to say and take their feedback seriously. When you address specific needs, you show people that you truly care. They will reward you with their loyalty.

Identify and anticipate needs. “Customers don\’t buy products or services. They buy good feelings and solutions to problems,” says Friedmann. It’s all about the customer experience. This is one of the top reasons why accepting Visa, MasterCard and Interac cards is so important. It addresses the need for customers to have a convenient shopping experience with no hassles at the cashier.

Make customers feel important and appreciated. To reiterate this point, customers should feel that they are being specifically catered to individually. “People value sincerity,” says Friedmann, “it creates good feeling and trust.” What you want is for your customers to have a good feeling about your business. More than the product you sold is the way you made them feel – this is what keeps them coming back.

Know how to apologize. It takes a big person to admit when he or she is wrong. It takes an even bigger business owner to own up to a mistake. The way that a problem is handled is perhaps the absolute most significant way to show what your business is all about. Problem solving – or an inability to – is what truly makes the mark of a business. But “when something goes wrong, apologize.”

Give more than expected. At Canadian POS Corporation, we go out of our way to show our clients that we’re willing to do more than the average payment processor. Timely set ups, affordable rates, unbeatable customer service and more are all part of our repertoire. Think of ways to elevate yourself above your competition by providing your customers with things they can’t get elsewhere.

Get regular feedback. “Encourage and welcome suggestions about how you could improve,” suggests Friedmann, “There are several ways in which you can find out what customers think and feel about your services. Listen carefully to what they say. Check back regularly to see how things are going. Provide a method that invites constructive criticism, comments and suggestions.”

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