6 Ways Your Website Can Gain Customer Trust

\"christmas,In our last blog, we pointed out just how important it is to gain trust from your online shoppers. Of course, it’s a great idea to offer your customers the opportunity to make purchases directly from your website. But what is going to give them the confidence that they can do so safely? Last time, we pointed out that including pertinent contact information and testimonials on your website would help. In today’s blog, we list a few more ways your site can gain customer trust.

Here are six:

1. Use simple language. People can easily jump from one website to the next within seconds. Make yours one that is easily readable so that customers can quickly locate and digest the information they need. Be sure to use simple language, says Peep Laja on ConversionXL.com. “People don’t trust what they don’t understand,” he writes, “Write like you talk using the same language your customers do.”

2. Include a photo gallery. It should go without saying that shoppers want to be able to see what they’re buying. Product descriptions generally aren’t enough to gain the confidence of an online shopper. “Even if you do not wish to sell your products on-line, you may wish to showcase your goods or services in a special photo gallery,” says Ivana Katz on Web4Business.com, “They say ‘pictures speak a thousand words’ and on your website it is particularly important.”

3. Make sure all content is proofread. Nothing says “unprofessional” like a website that is filled with misspelled words and poor punctuation. It gives the impression that your brand isn’t particularly professional. “Broken grammar and incorrect spelling certainly make you seem less credible,” warns Laja, “It’s more forgivable in blog posts, but unacceptable on your home page, product pages and other more static pages.”

4. Offer money back guarantees. Most shoppers are concerned about the products they decide to order online. What happens if they show up and are less than what was expected? What if they are damaged? What if they don’t arrive at all? A money back guarantee will help to quell these worries. “The longer the guarantee, the more effective it will be,” says Katz, “It could be 30 days, 60 days, 1 year or lifetime. Remember you are trying to take the risk out of doing business with you.”

5. Provide staff bios and photos. As we mentioned last time, online shoppers want to trust that there are real people working for your company. “People don’t trust anonymous websites,” reports Laja, “If you don’t show your photo, are you hiding something? Is it that you don’t want people to recognize you on the street? People want to look you in the eye, enable it. Always use photos of the actual staff.”

6. Include product reviews. Testimonials are great as they serve to offer positive insight about your company. But people also want to know specifically about the products that they are interested in buying. Katz insists that you showcase links to product reviews to garner confidence in what you have to sell. “If your products have been positively reviewed on other websites, ensure you place a link to them,” she advises, “What someone else says about your product carries far more weight than what you say.”

Are you gaining confidence from the buying public so that they make purchases from your website? It’s important, of course, to utilize an e-commerce solution that people can trust. The one offered by Canadian POS Corporation allows you to secure real-time transaction processing and advanced risk management tools that protect your online business from fraud.

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