A Reminder That Gift Cards Are Big Sellers All Year Round!


Some business owners are under the impression that gift cards are only popular during the holiday season. Allow us to be clear: Gift cards are VERY big sellers during the end-of-year holiday shopping season! But, by no means, are gift cards only popular during that time of year.

Keep in mind that consumers are purchasing gifts all year round. Mother’s Day was celebrated just a little over a week ago and Father’s Day is next month. Don’t forget that students all over the country will be graduating from school next month as well. And, quite obviously, birthdays and anniversaries happen all the time! In other words, there will always be a reason for people to buy gift cards. And that means that you will always have a reason to sell them!

Gift cards aren’t just big sellers, they’re big customer base-growers.

How’s that? Well, gift cards are the best kinds of recommendations for your store that you can get. They are literally the same as saying “try this store, I think you’ll love it!” And when a gift card recipient enters your store, you have the opportunity to turn that visitor into a loyal customer. It all depends on the customer experience you provide.

Gift cards often help to spike profits.

And that’s because recipients generally spend more than the face value of their cards. According to GiftCards.com, 72 percent of customers will spend more than the value of their cards and on average, recipients spend 20 percent more than their gift card values. Long story short – most gift card recipients are going to make you more money that you originally made when you sold the gift cards to their gift-givers.

Are you looking to improve customer satisfaction?

You can’t go wrong with gift cards! There are two very important things to consider here:

  1. Gift cards make shoppers happy. As Ashley Watson points out on WiseBread.com, gift cards save shoppers both time and money. “If you are purchasing gifts for a lot of people — a dozen or more nieces and nephews for instance — you can budget a dollar amount for each card,” she describes, “This also prevents arguments over which cousin got the better gift, because everyone gets the same amount of money. And it saves you the time shopping for each person. Plus, even if you get a gift receipt, returning gifts can be a headache, especially right after the holidays when customer service lines are backed up to the entrance of the store.”
  2. Gift cards make recipients happy. “Whether you are buying a gift card from someone\’s favourite clothing store or giving free downloads from iTunes to the music lover in your life, gift cards guarantee that people will love what you give them,” says Watson, “They have the freedom to pick out whatever they want, and you are relieved of the stress of finding something perfect for everyone.”

Are you ready to begin selling gift cards in your store?

To get started, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost. Our gift cards are known to encourage repeat business, attract new customers and boost sales all year long!

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