Accepting Credit Cards Is Common Sense

\"Credit“Accepting credit cards is a must for any business,” says Chad Brooks of Business News Daily. He writes that businesses that don’t accept credit cards are missing out. Customers across North America are proving that credit cards are the payment methods of choice these days. When businesses don’t accept them, they end up losing out on a lot of customers. Accepting credit cards, it seems, is just common sense.

Why turn away your customers? Could there be a worse way to run your business? Your customers are the most important people to your company. What good is turning them off going to do? By allowing your customers to pay with their credit cards, you are providing a great convenience. People simply don’t like walking around with cash in their pockets anymore.

It’s much safer to carry plastic only. Not to mention, it encourages your customers to spend more money with you. When one is expected to have either enough cash or exact change, it makes the entire shopping experience that much more difficult. As Brooks reveals, “consumers now also expect that merchants accept credit cards, making cash-only business models a thing of the past.”

Getting set up with a POS terminal in order to accept credit cards is actually easier than you may think. In fact, Canadian POS Corporation has been known to get merchants up and running with new terminals in as little as three days. Once you’re accepting credit cards, you’ll enjoy the ability to no longer lose customers who aren’t keen on doing business with cash-only companies.

You may be wondering exactly how the whole thing works. When a customer swipes his or her credit card at your place of business, it becomes our job to get you your money. We make sure that the appropriate funds are withdrawn from the customer’s credit card account and placed into your bank account. Many business owners, however, are concerned with the fee attached to this service.

At Canadian POS Corporation, we’re happy to announce that we have the most affordable rates in our industry. Our clients have found that the increase in sales that they achieve thanks to the ability to accept plastic far outweighs the costs associated with the process. It has been proven that accepting credit cards is incredibly beneficial for all businesses.

In 2014, the cash-only concept is a dying one. It can be argued that companies who have stuck to this way of doing business won’t last very much longer. According to Brooks, “being able to accept credit cards anywhere benefit both businesses and consumers. Not only does it promise significant revenue streams, but the convenience also enables businesses to provide better and faster customer service.”

Contact Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 to get your business set up. Accepting credit cards is bound to boost your business in ways that you may have thought were not possible. We now live in a world that is part of a digital era. People love the convenience of being able to do things quickly and conveniently. Accepting plastic makes you part of that world. Let’s get you there today!

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