Accepting Interac Provides Many Benefits

\"interac\"Canada is such an awesome country, isn’t it? What’s not to love about Canada? Okay, maybe we could do without the generally too-long and icy-cold winters, but for the most part, Canadians all know how lucky they are to live in arguably the greatest country in the world. And with our Canadian pride flying high today, we unveil yet another reason that Canada is number one.

The Great White North just so happens to be known as a world leader in debit card use. Evidently, consumers across Canada are well aware of the benefits that come with paying for their purchases using Interac. It’s quick, it’s easy and it certainly beats having to fumble through wallets and change purses for exact change. Interac, evidently, has changed the way that Canadians shop.

As a result, Interac should also change the way that you do business. If you are yet to accept Interac cards as a method of payment at your place of business, you are certainly missing out on a number of benefits. On, several of those benefits are listed. One of them is the fact that the many Canadians who don’t have credit cards still prefer not to pay with cash.

No Downgrades. According to the Accept Interac website: “When you accept debit cards that have a PIN associated with them, you will not have to worry about higher rates when accepting certain credit and debit cards. When the customer uses the PIN pad to complete the sale, it leads to cheaper rates for you because the bank sees that transaction as a lower risk.”

Faster Check Out Times. Debit card transactions don’t require the signing of receipts. Instead, a customer simply punches in his or her PIN code to complete the transaction. This helps for customers to get in and out of your store with relative ease. With less time spent making transactions, more transactions can be made. This not only satisfies customers, but it satisfies your bottom line as well.

Increased Loyalty. Many customers prefer the punching in of a PIN instead of the signing of a receipt. They feel that it provides greater security for their purchases. Many consumers also enjoy the fact that the money is debited directly from their bank accounts instead of being added towards a balance that they may have to pay interest on if not paid in full by a certain due date.

Shoppers who wish not to exceed any type of credit limit benefit from the peace of mind that Interac transactions give them. It’s as good as using cash without having any cash on hand. This allows them to freely make purchases that they know they can afford without worrying about losing cash or having it stolen. Debit cards can be replaced while cash generally cannot.

Offer your customers the benefit of using their Interac cards to make purchases in your store and you are bound to have them increase their senses of loyalty towards your brand. Start accepting Interac cards today! Whether you already accept debit or you would like to upgrade from your current payment provider, contact Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884.

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