Accepting Plastic Will Boost Your Business

\"credit-card-swipe-300x183\"Canadian business owners from all over the country agree: it pays to accept credit and debit cards as methods of payment. And that is because of one simple fact: Canadian shoppers prefer to pay for their purchases with credit and debit cards. So the solution is simple. It’s time to equip your small business with a POS terminal in order to satisfy the needs of the average Canadian consumer.

There are many shoppers, in fact, who don’t even carry cash on them anymore. It is fair, after all, to say that we live in a plastic or \”cashless\” society. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Credit and debit cards provide shoppers with quick, easy and convenient ways to pay for purchases no matter how big or small the purchases are. There’s no reason why your business shouldn’t be in on that action!

Caryl Cress Ramsey is a small business owner who knows, first hand, just how beneficial it is to equip one’s place of business with a POS terminal. On, she notes that there are a number of benefits. Perhaps, the most important is that accepting credit and debit helps for business owners to generate greater profits. At the end of the day, that’s what you want for your business, isn’t it?

Accepting Plastic Increases Sales. “It is a proven fact that consumers are more likely to spend more if paying with plastic, whether it is with debit or credit cards,” writes Ramsey, “Accepting debit or credit cards dramatically increases your revenue and immediate sales. If your business doesn\’t accept these cards, I can guarantee that you will lose your business to a business that will.”

Think of it this way. Cash is limiting. People can only walk around with so much cash on them. When customers enter a store that only accepts cash, there are bound to be instances when they simply won’t have enough cash to cover the charge. Ramsey admits that in her first year of business, she was turning away an average of four customers per day because she only accepted cash!

In her second year of business, she began accepting credit and debit cards as methods of payment. Her business increased by 30 per cent from the previous year! Having a POS terminal means no longer having to turn away your customers. These turned-away customers, by the way, are likely to never come back. A declining customer base is surely no way to achieve success.

Accepting Credit And Debit Cards is Convenient. Naturally, accepting plastic makes life a lot easier for your customers. Being able to pull out one simple card instead of several bills and coins is a pleasure that the majority of customers enjoy. Having to pay cash, on the other hand, has grown to become quite the inconvenience to shoppers. This feeling has only increased since the elimination of the penny.

Since the Canadian Mint no longer prints pennies, it’s near impossible to have exact change anyways. When your business accepts plastic, you eliminate this inconvenience. “You are going to lose a sale if your customer is not carrying the correct amount of cash or if your customer isn\’t carrying other forms of acceptable payment,” insists Ramsey. Let’s make sure you gain customers, not lose them!

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