American Express Commercials Sleekly Sell Its Cards

\"Munich,It’s no secret that Canadian shoppers love using plastic to pay for their purchases. And it doesn’t take a read of the Canadian POS Corporation Blog to know it. Of course, reading our blog is an excellent idea if you’re looking for useful and informative pieces on our industry. We’ve covered the gamut of benefits that come with accepting credit cards and debit cards in your stores. One of those many benefits is the fact that plastic acceptance has been known to increase sales.

Of course, we could go on at length, about the many reasons that your company should be plastic-friendly. But, in today’s blog, we’d like to focus on the ways that credit card usage is advertised to the public. As a business owner, it’s important to take note of what trends are happening in your marketplace. As it relates to payment methods, think about the cards that seem to be the most popular amongst the members of your client base.

Visa, MasterCard and American Express are known as the most commonly-used credit cards, with a special emphasis on the first two. In a few of our past blogs, we’ve analyzed the commercials used to advertise the two big name brands. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at an interesting way that the third well-known brand has chosen to advertise its usage. American Express has been known to pull out the big guns.

On, an American Express commercial featuring Academy Award-winning actor, Robert DeNiro is listed as one of the Top 10 credit card commercials of all time. The one minute piece showcases many areas of New York City and incorporates a voiceover from the popular actor. In fact, his face isn’t even seen until the very end. So what makes this commercial so special?

“The American Express ‘My Life. My Card’ campaign here features a simply-shot ad that focuses on Robert DeNiro’s love affair with New York City,” explains the website, “Shot in a montage style, American Express is relying on the gravitas of perhaps the world’s most respected actor to sell their card. There are no card rates or features mentioned, and there is no sign of DeNiro’s celebrity lifestyle. Instead, we see a man of simple but strong beliefs, who carries an Amex card. You can’t help but love the guy.”

In another Amex ad highlighted on, singer Nicole Atkins (someone the website admits not knowing) is shown using her beloved card while on tour. Describing how such card benefits as Membership Rewards and Purchase Protection come in handy, Atkins unveils her card as one that really comes in handy when unexpected occurrences take place. The one minute long commercial showcases American Express cards as elite payment methods.

“Featuring singer/songwriter Nicole Atkins…this ad follows her touring with her band and having to repeatedly use her American Express card to resolve problems along the way,” describes, “Slickly done, but this ad leaves you thinking about the poor management of her tour rather than the benefits of carrying an Amex card.” We’d say that it does a pretty good job of outlining the card’s benefits.

When you use a POS terminal provided to you by Canadian POS Corporation, you’re able to accept all credit cards. That includes Visa, MasterCard, Discover and yes…American Express. As well, you will be able to accept debit cards. So those Interac commercials that have been known to impress Canadian shoppers will also help to boost sales in your store! For more information, simply give us a call at 1-877-748-2884

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