Are Gift Cards All That Popular In The Summer?


There is this idea floating around the gift cards are incredibly huge sellers during the end-of-year holiday season. And there’s a reason that idea is floating around. It’s because it’s true! It’s undeniable that during the busiest shopping season of the year, gift cards are wildly popular. All retailers stand to significantly grow their holiday sales by selling gift cards. But that doesn’t mean that gift cards somehow go out of style once the holidays are over!

Gift cards are big sellers all year round.

With summer quickly approaching, you better believe that there will be many occasions that will involve gift giving. Graduations are first up to bat. All over Canada this month, students will be graduating from elementary school, high school, college and university. By having gift cards available in your store, you stand the chance of cashing in on a big gift-giving time of year.

The forthcoming summer months are also very popularly chosen as times to get married. Numerous weddings are imminent. Even if you don’t have the type of business that sells items that are known for being wedding gifts, promoting your gift cards around wedding season is bound to generate greater interest in them.

“With sunny days spent at the pool, warm evenings on the patio, and vacations on the calendar, the summer months are often full of good times,” reminds us, “Summer weddings, graduations, birthday parties, and Father’s Day are even more reasons to get together and celebrate. But don’t waste summer days shopping for gifts at the mall.”

Keep in mind, people like gift cards of all kinds.

On, visitors have the ability to shop by occasion. The site smartly lays out a variety of gift card options for anniversaries, birthdays, Father’s Day, “Get Well” and “Congratulations”, just to name a few. As you may have guessed, restaurants, clothing retailers, electronics stores, hardware stores and gas stations are among the most popular of gift card choices.

On, consumers are encouraged to present their gift cards to recipients in unique ways. The summer, the site makes clear, provides a variety of opportunities to do something original with the act of gift-giving.

“Head to the beach and write a message in the sand,” suggests the site, “Take a photo of the words before the surf washes them away. Then upload the image to make a personalized gift card. Write the same message on the summer gift card or use it to answer a question. For example, write, ‘Who loves you?’ in the sand. Write, ‘I do’ on the card.”

Isn’t it time you start selling gift cards in your store?

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