Black Friday Less Crazy This Year Thanks To Online Shopping

\"onlineJust how popular has online shopping become? Well, it’s so popular that it’s apparently helped to diminish the frenzy that is generally associated with Black Friday! In years past, Black Friday sales events were no strangers to throngs of shoppers who would clamour for their significantly-reduced-priced items. Many sales would begin as early as four in the morning and would welcome long line ups of shoppers – many of whom were waiting for hours for the doors to open.

However, as The Associated Press reports via CBC News, shoppers, these days, are finding it much easier to stay at home to do their shopping from there. Minnesota resident, Julie Singewald is one such shopper. “I\’m a point-and-click person” the 44 year-old is quoted as saying, “If it were up to me, I would be in my pyjamas and on my computer at home.” Canadians seem to be taking the same approach.

Cyber Monday is the Monday that immediately follows the weekend after Black Friday. And it’s become as popular north of the border as it is in the south. And that’s because most holiday shoppers are aware that the savings they can enjoy on Black Friday will be made available to them a few days later. As well, by going online to shop, the hectic atmosphere of the busy malls is avoided.

Maureen Atkinson is a senior partner with retail consultancy, Global Retail Advisors. In the Associated Press article, she points out that retailers are now tending to offer their Black Friday discounts all week long. “Retailers have made it not just Black Friday day — it’s Black Friday week,” she is quoted as saying, “If it\’s going to be busy at the mall and you can get it next week, why bother? I think we are kind of seeing a bit of a downturn.”

The downturn appears to be taking place in the United States as well as in Canada. American shoppers are also well aware that online shopping helps them to avoid frustrating shopping ventures. Marshal Cohen is the chief industry analyst at NPD Group, a market research firm. “I have never seen Black Friday morning so calm,” he said of the sparser-than-normal crowds in Long Island, New York for this year’s usually-big shopping day.

Is Cyber Monday officially about to take over Black Friday as the year’s biggest shopping day? It’s hard to say at this point. But, it’s clear that the trend is that more and more people are choosing online shopping over rushing the malls – especially during the holiday season. As Canada Post vice-president, René Desmarais said in a release, “a lot of Canadians wait to make their purchases, knowing that Cyber Week deals and promotions will save them money.”

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