Boosting Online Sales With Your Mobile-Friendly Website

\"\"Good job! You’ve taken the very important step of creating an online store on your company website. By investing in an e-commerce solution, you have guaranteed yourself an increase in sales and a growth in the size of your customer base. Naturally, with the internet providing worldwide access to your company’s products and services, you have enabled customers from all across the globe to support your brand.

There is, however, one very important step that must be taken in order to maximize sales. And that is to make your company website mobile-friendly. Can people access your website via their smartphones and tablets? If your site is customized for easy access and navigation on mobile devices, you’re certainly in a good position to boost your online sales. But what can you do to ensure your mobile-friendly website is encouraging customers to buy?

Make it easy on the eyes!

Obviously, mobile devices have smaller screens than traditional desktop and laptop computers. This is the main reason your website needs to be customized for mobile users. With that said, creating a simple layout that is easy on the eyes is an important way to create the optimal shopping experience for online shoppers.

“Working with such a small screen is always going to be tricky,” says Ben Brown on, “That’s why simplicity is your number one goal. For e commerce sites it’s especially difficult, because there’s so content much to squeeze on…Look at how ETQ display their range of shoes on their mobile site…They have left the majority of the screen space completely free in order to give their products centre stage.”

The fewer clicks, the better!

Remember that people enjoy using their mobile devices for online shopping because of convenience. With their pocket-sized devices, they can browse and compare items before making purchases. Ideally, you want the process between landing on your site and checking out to be as quick and painless as possible. Be sure that your mobile-friendly site is able to make the entire shopping experience take place in a few easy clicks.

“Allow users to log in to make a purchase on your mobile site using cross platform log-ins through Facebook or LinkedIn,” suggests Akshay Sachdeva on, “Include minimal clicks only to ensure a faster checkout process and never frustrate your users. Go through an exercise where you calculate the number of clicks or taps required to checkout. Are there any steps in the process you can eliminate? Assess this with your team and then remove them.”

Cater to thumbs!

Sounds like a strange bit of advice, doesn’t it? But consider the fact that the vast majority of people who use mobile devices use their thumbs to navigate through screens. There can’t be too many buttons on your web pages as one’s thumb could accidently press the wrong ones. This will only cause visitors to your site frustration. Brown elaborates.

“Try holding your smartphone now,” he instructs, “Move your thumb around the screen and feel where it’s most comfortable and natural. Everyone’s thumb size is different…With this in mind, you don’t want to put any buttons or essential components in the top sections. Leave that for headers only. Put all your scrollable content and buttons in the middle so it’s easy and comfortable to reach.”

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