Boosting Sales During The First Week Of School


It’s the second day of school. Slightly less exciting than the first day of school, today is a day when students all across Canada are having it sink in that the summer is officially over. It’s also a day that many business owners take down their “back to school” sales signs. And we’d simply like to point out how bad an idea that is. Simply put, back to school shopping isn’t over yet!

In fact, it’s wise to take the entire month of September to continue promoting your back to school products, discounts and deals. How else do you expect to boost sales during the first week of school? We have a few bright ideas that should help you out.

Target the needs of parents.

We all know that parents are the ones doing the vast majority of the back to school shopping. Reward them for it. Consider setting up coffee break stations in your store that offer both comfortable places to sit and free coffee. Combine such luxuries with special discounts on back to school items all throughout this week.

“The majority of parents will visit between two and five stores for school supplies,” reports pricing expert, Nelia Tiuriaieva on, “Including (2018), responses to three years worth of surveys show that around 85% of parents shop in up to five brick-and-mortar stores during BTS season.”

Connect with influencers on social media.

With the kids back in class, you can bet they’ll be talking to each other. But they won’t just speak to each other in class. They’ll be connecting on social media. That’s where you want your business to be. This is especially true for conversations started by local YouTubers and bloggers. According to Ash Wood of Keycraft, collaborating with such popular online personalities is a great way to boost retail sales during back to school season.

“Did you know? 71% of shoppers are more likely to purchase based on social media referrals?” he asks, “With an influx of child YouTubers and parent blogs, there has never been a better time to collaborate with local talent and grow authentic reviews as well as your fan base by using influencer marketing.”

Promote your online store.

As we just noted, there is arguably no better place to promote your brand than on the internet. This is especially true if you have an online store. Students are highly likely to check online shops long before they visit brick and mortar locations for their back to school needs. Be sure to promote your online store in order to ensure a steady boost in sales this week.

“Online spending has been gradually increasing since 2016,” reveals Tiuriaieva, “(Three) years ago, 64% of parents said they would buy some supplies online, increasing to 72% in 2017 and…74% (in 2018).”

How much traction is your online store getting? Is it catering to the needs of back to school shoppers? Call Canadian POS at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost and ask us about how you can take advantage of our safe and secure e-commerce solution!

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