Boosting Your Online Store\’s Back To School Sales


Back to school season is upon us. Students, all over Canada, are set to go back into classrooms in a couple of weeks. Or are they? The coronavirus pandemic will be keeping many young people at home. For many parents, concerns over the spread of the virus will have them opt for remote learning for their kids. Nevertheless, the new school year must be prepared for.

One of the best ways to help your business enjoy a successful back to school season is to promote its goods online. Just as many parents wish to keep their kids at home, they prefer to stay at home while shopping. What plans do you have to boost your online store’s back to school sales? We have a few ideas for you.

Trigger a sense of urgency.

Every August, back to school shopping needs are generally urgent, given the fact that the school year starts at the beginning of September, So, over the course of the next few weeks, it would be wise to attach an “only (number here) left” message alongside your product descriptions. This usually encourages online shoppers to follow through on their purchases instead of letting opportunities pass by.

“Urgency and scarcity are two super effective persuasion tactics you can use to elicit more sales,” says, “Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a powerful psychological phenomenon that triggers users to take action. People are compelled to do something otherwise they’ll miss out on some opportunity…According to a study by Strategy Online, 60% of millennials will make reactive purchasing decisions because of FOMO.”

Offer a free gift with every purchase.

The word “free” will always draw attention. In this case, offering a free gift won’t just be an eye-catcher. It will be an appreciated gesture, given the stress most parents are under, at the moment. As mentioned, parents of students are contending with a lot more than just purchasing back to school items. They are concerned about the safety of their children in ways that were never before imagined. Offer a free gift with each purchase to helps ease the minds of your customers.

“A good idea is to give away a back-to-school basket with different school supplies,” suggests Perjeet Badh of TAKU Retail, “You can also imprint your brand name on each of the items in the basket. It doesn’t necessarily have to be school related either – popular store merchandise or a gift card are also effective gifts.”

Allow shoppers to compare products in your shop.

Most online shoppers are pretty savvy. They hop from one website to the next, comparing prices of similar products. Why let them hop off of your site? Why not allow them to compare prices while visiting your online shop? Don’t be afraid to list the prices offered by other merchants as a comparison to your own.

“Product comparison makes it easier for your shoppers to make the purchasing decision since they can compare two or more products side by side,” notes, “This boosts users’ confidence and encourages them that the product they’re considering is the right one…It also keeps users on your site, without having to switch to a different tab and website to check all the product details they’re comparing.”

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