Canadian Shoppers Love Their Credit Cards

\"credit-cards-canada\"All week long, we have been blogging about Canadian shoppers and what they love. As a business owner, there is some very important information to be found in these blogs. And that’s because Canadian shoppers are who make your business successful – or unsuccessful. It all depends on how you treat your customers. When you offer your shoppers payment options, you make them happy.

As the RBC website reports, “most Canadians have at least one credit card in their wallets.” So that means that Canadians really must enjoy paying with plastic when they go shopping. But you knew that already. Whether it’s shopping online or in stores, Canadian consumers use credit and debit cards more than anyone else in the world. And there are many reasons as to why, according to RBC.

Budgeting and expense tracking. Credit cards allow your customers to keep track of all of their spending. They have the ability to do so by either receiving paper statements in the mail or checking out their transactions online – or both! Their cards make it easy for them to constantly check on their spending amounts so that they don’t go over their budgets. Again, this provides a great convenience to your shoppers.

Purchase protection. When a shopper makes a purchase in your store with a credit card, the credit card company generally protects that purchase. There are many plans in place that help customers get protection from loss, theft or damage of their purchases within a certain amount of time. This is a benefit that couldn’t possibly come to them by paying with cash.

Building credit history. This is a big one. How does anyone get to a position where he or she can buy a house or a car? That person needs to have good credit. As RBC points out, “a credit card is the most efficient credit building tool around. And given the importance of a credit rating…using your credit card and making payments by the due date each month is a great way to ensure you’re set up for future financial success.”

Easy checkouts. Being able to pay with credit cards makes it so that customers never have to fumble through their pockets and wallets for change. Seriously, do people still do that? Especially with contactless payment features like Visa payWave or MasterCard PayPass, paying for purchases has never been so easy, says RBC. Accepting credit cards in your stores will make transaction times quicker than ever.

Booking travel. Travel agencies practically can’t live without accepting credit cards. Why should your business live without them? Look at how easy credit cards make it to book travel. Customers can buy their tickets over the phone or online. They get built-in insurance protection. They also get coverage in the event that a flight is delayed or cancelled or if their bags are lost.

Earning points, miles or other rewards. Speaking of travel, every time a customer uses his or her credit card, he or she is likely earning reward points that can be put towards travel. “I actually always pay with my Visa card,” explained one of our clients this week, “That way, I know I’m getting myself another step closer to that dream vacation I’ve always wanted. Why wouldn’t I pay with my card?”

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