Credit Cards Give Consumers A Lot Of Choices

\"\"One of the main reasons to allow your customers to pay for their purchases with credit cards is because it gives them a choice. “Cash only” businesses insist on one type of payment method. They literally present “take it or leave it” scenarios to the general public. However, when a business allows its customers to choose which payment method suits them, it shows a greater deal of respect.

Believe it or not, it’s the freedom of choice that truly encourages customers to select the businesses they wish to support. Not only do they want choices in the items they purchase, but they want payment options as well. Canadians have shown that credit cards simply must be one of those payment options. And that’s because credit cards themselves provide Canadians with a wide array of choices.

“Air Miles, Aeroplan points, low-interest, no-fee – the options available on credit cards are dizzying for consumers looking to compare their options when shopping around,” writes Craig Wong of The Canadian Press in a special to The Globe And Mail.

So, what are some of the most beneficial choices offered by credit cards?

Rewards points. There are so many different credit cards out there that offer rewards points. This allows for consumers to get more for their money. Between travel rewards, cash back and free groceries, the various rewards benefits appear endless. “Credit card users can reap cash, discounts, travel points and many other perks by using rewards cards,” explains Mark P. Cussen on, “Smart consumers who can pay off their cards in full on time every month can profit substantially by running their monthly purchases and bills through them.”

Carrying a balance VS. paying in full. With credit cards, consumers are given the option of whether or not they wish to carry a balance. Naturally, if they don’t pay their balances off in full each month, they will accrue interest charges. In some situations, this is considered a small price to pay. This is because credit cards offer loans. If a big ticket item is purchased, and the customer is unable to afford the entire amount all at once, a credit card makes it possible for that purchase to still be made.

“Those who think they might routinely carry a balance may want to focus on low-interest-rate cards rather than those that offer rewards, because interest charges can quickly outweigh any benefits a rewards card might bring, especially if you only pay the minimum required,” advises Wong, “But for those who pay off their balances every month, the choices are abundant.”

Extended warranties. When you pay for a purchase with cash, you have no choice but to take your chances with the item. Credit card purchases, however, provide a little extra protection. They “provide additional warranties or insurance for items purchased that may exceed those of the retailer,” informs Cussen, “For example, if an item bought with a credit card becomes defective after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, check with the card company to see if it will provide coverage.”

Are you offering your customers the payment options they want?

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