Credit Cards Make Christmas Shopping Easier

\"ChristmasHave you completed your Christmas shopping yet? By the looks of how packed the malls have been over the past few days, it is likely that most people have not. One thing is for sure though – most shoppers across Canada are on the hunt for the best bargains they can find. And they’re doing so with their credit cards in hand. One of our clients shared this view with us last week.

“I would have to say that about 90 per cent of my customers are paying with their credit cards, very few with cash,” he revealed, “They like to get points they tell me. They also say that it’s much easier for them to track what they’re spending. When all of their holiday shopping comes on one bill, they feel better. I guess because they have more time to pay it as well.”

Our client is correct. Pretty much hitting the nail on the head for each of the top reasons people enjoy using their credit cards to do their holiday shopping, he highlights exactly why you should be accepting plastic at your place of business. At a time when business is picking up for most industries, it truly does pay to provide customers with this convenient payment process.

Reward points. It’s the holiday shopping season – the perfect time of year to be racking up all of those rewards points that so many credit cards provide. If your business accepts such credit cards, it gives holiday shoppers a much bigger incentive to spend money in your store. These points may take a while to accumulate, but during this time of year, they pile up pretty quickly. Allow your business to benefit from that.

Tracking spending. When people put all of their holiday shopping on their credit cards, their eventual bills effectively become their shopping lists. This helps to provide a clear perspective on exactly how much was spent. Using credit cards also helps for customers to have a record of their spending which becomes very useful in the event that items need to be returned – something that is commonplace following the holidays.

Flexible payments. We all know that the Christmas season encourages greater-than-normal spending habits. Checking off everyone on your list may be a long and arduous process. That said, many shoppers need the payment flexibility that credit cards provide them. For many Canadians, paying off an entire holiday shopping balance at once is not feasible.

Convenience. “I was doing some shopping last week,” confided a colleague of Canadian POS Corporation recently, “and I needed to take a break to eat. I went into a Caribbean restaurant that was recommended to me and found out that they only accepted cash. I had no choice but to leave – hungry. I was actually surprised to run into a business that is still cash only.”

Needless to say, you don’t want to be losing any business this holiday season. Accepting credit cards provides your customers with the convenience of not having to walk around with cash. Whether you would like to upgrade your current POS terminal or you’d like to begin accepting plastic today, make Canadian POS Corporation your payment provider. Give us a call at 1-877-748-2884.

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