Cyber Monday Means Big Business!

\"Depositphotos_35713985_xs\"Welcome to Cyber Monday! Have you done any online shopping today? If not, today is definitely the day to do so. The traditional follow-up to Black Friday, Cyber Monday is quite often regarded as the much more convenient cousin to the biggest shopping day of the year. And that is, of course, because today is the biggest online shopping day of the year. If you’re looking to secure some great deals, keep surfing the internet!

Naturally, business owners should be regarding today as a huge opportunity to cash in on all of the holiday shopping that Canadians are doing. Of course, we are all fully entrenched in the holiday shopping season. With Christmas just 25 days away, you know that the shopping frenzy is only bound to continue. But how is your business benefiting from the holiday shopping craze? More importantly for the time being, how is it benefiting from Cyber Monday?

Do you allow your customers to make purchases from your company website? If not, it’s definitely time to look into Canadian POS Corporation’s Ecommerce solutions. We enable you to easily and securely accept and process all credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, Discover Network, American Express – from your website through secure real-time transaction processing. As well, advanced risk management tools work to protect your online business from fraud.

If you’ve missed out on all of the sales that you could have been making today, make sure that you don’t miss out on next year’s Cyber Monday. Consider some of the incredible statistics about the annual event and how it has benefited business owners across the world. According to Haniya Rae, last year’s Cyber Monday was quite the success. She notes that “online shopping sales hit $2.29 billion (and) online sales for Cyber Monday grew by 20.6 percent over 2012.”

In addition, Rae reveals that, according IBM, “though shoppers spent 5 percent per order more on Black Friday this year, Cyber Monday online sales were up 31.5 percent over Black Friday; shoppers with loaded carts online actually bought the items at a 12.6 higher rate on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday (and) consumers buying goods off their mobile phones accounted for $419 million of online sales.”

Other Cyber Monday statistics from last year include the fact that “mobile sales exceeded 17 percent of total online sales, a whopping increase of 55.4 percent year-over-year; 19.7 percent of all online traffic came from smart phones. Tablets accounted for 11.5 percent (and) 10.1 percent of all online sales came from tablets, versus 6.3 percent from smartphones.” Is there any denying the popularity of Cyber Monday?

Rae also notes that many online shoppers get referred to particular company websites via social media. So today is definitely a day to promote your special deals on Facebook and Twitter. Again, be sure to contact Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 to inquire about our Ecommerce solutions so that you never let another Cyber Monday go by again without taking full advantage of it. Talk to you soon!

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