Designing Your Online Store For The Best Results


Canadians love to shop online. We’re pretty sure we’ve written that sentence and others like it hundreds of times in the Canadian POS Blog. Naturally, there’s a good reason for that. At Canadian POS, we keep a keen eye on Canadian shopping trends. Quite frankly, our nation isn’t all that different than the rest of the world when it comes to online shopping. Simply put, it’s hugely popular all over the globe!

Just because Canadians enjoy utilizing the internet for their shopping needs, it doesn’t mean that your online store is going to be automatically successful. As you’re aware, there are a lot of other online stores vying for the attention of your customers. What separates your online shop from all the others? There are a few design elements it should contain to help bring you the best results possible.

The offer of free shipping.

There are few things more powerful than free shipping in the “gaining online shoppers” game. With so many competitors on the internet, your shoppers are likely browsing through sites comparing products and prices each day. Don’t assume they’re not savvy enough to include shipping charges in the prices they’re researching. Even if your goods are sold at slightly higher prices than other stores, your offer of free shipping will entice many visitors to make purchases.

“Thanks to Amazon Prime, free shipping is now an expectation of online shoppers,” writes Oksana on, “The added cost of standard shipping can easily dissuade buyers today from completing their purchase at checkout. Sellers who can afford to offer free shipping should provide the service if they aren’t already to incentivize purchases.”

The presence of high-quality photos.

The internet is a haven for vivid photographs and videos. Your online store needs to be filled with them! The second best thing to holding and feeling a product for yourself is seeing high resolution photos of it from a variety of angles. If your online shop offers such visuals, it will be in a much better position to boost sales.

“The photos on your website will make or break your store design,” insists Nicole Martins Ferreira on, “If you choose the wrong photos, it can hurt your conversions…Remove all pixelated images on your website. If the picture looks grainy, it can drastically bring down the professionalism of your website. It’s better to find another image instead. Be mindful of this for your product photos as well.”

The elimination of typos.

Do you want to give your online store’s visitors bad impressions of your brand? Of course not. However, if the text on your site is riddled with typos, spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, it will quickly be deemed as unprofessional and untrustworthy. Proofreading your text is a must. Be sure to have it all read perfectly.

“You could have the most beautiful website in the world,” says Ferreira, “The colour combinations could be spot on and your images captivating. But if you have typos, all that storefront design beauty gets unnoticed. The customer’s eyes zero in on the typo making it the focus. Not your product. Your product essentially becomes invisible to them.”

Do you need some help in designing the online store for your business? Call Canadian POS at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost and ask us about our safe and secure e-commerce solution!

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