Do Gift Cards Make Good Back To School Gifts?


In many of our blogs about gift cards, we pose a question similar to that of today’s blog title. Do gift cards make good wedding presents, anniversary presents, birthday gifts etc. etc.? You get the picture. The answer, as you’re very well aware, is always a resounding “yes”. So, it goes without saying that answering in the affirmative is exactly the correct response to the question posed by this blog’s title.

Back to school season is definitely here! In most schools throughout Canada, classes will resume on September 3rd. That means that parents all over the country are currently scouring the malls and stores for clothes and other school supplies. Of course, you don’t have to be a parent to engage in back to school shopping. If you have a young loved one who is about to start school, you’re likely looking for something special that will help make the new school year a great one.

Gift cards are a slam dunk.

At least, this is what Justin Jaffe declares on “They’re flexible, can accommodate a wide range of budgets, and can be redeemed for all kinds of student essentials,” he writes, “Plus, you can give them in person, via email them or, in some cases, by text message.” He goes on to list a number of great gift cards for students headed back to school this fall.

Among them are gift cards from Amazon, Apple, Fandango, Netflix, Starbucks and Spotify. We imagine that these are all popular choices but wish to point out how important music is to students. Their rides to and from school are often accompanied by tunes pumped through earbuds. The walkmans of yesterday have been replaced by smartphones that have access to today’s hottest music streaming platforms.

“Spotify’s physical gift cards are available in denominations of $30 or $60,” explains Jaffe, “But there\’s also a $99 Spotify Premium gift card that can be redeemed for one full year of the company\’s ad-free, unlimited tier of service — but not for Spotify\’s student plan.”

Gift cards help prepare students for the new school year.

We’re not just talking about helping students to get their hands on important supplies like books, pens, pencils and paper. We’re talking about the fact that, for many young people, the first day of school can be a nerve-racking experience. Taking the edge off by providing a student with a special back to school gift in the form of a gift card can offer many benefits.

“Whether you’re starting a new school or attending the same one you’ve been at for the past few years, there is often a little trepidation about what the year will hold,” Shelley Hunter reminds us on, “Though it would be nice if a gift card could magically take our worries away (I’d buy that one!), I like the idea of using a gift card to bring a smile instead.”

Do you sell gift cards in your store?

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