Do Gift Cards Make Good Father’s Day Gifts?


It can be argued that buying for Dad can be a little bit more difficult than buying for Mom. For Mother’s Day, every year, moms everywhere are showered with flowers, chocolates, jewelry and dining out experiences. But what do dads get showered with every year? If neckties immediately come to mind, it may be important to consider that there is a wide variety of other items that dads would prefer as gifts.

This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 17th. That gives your store just under a month to prepare for the annual celebration of fathers. And, if one thing is for sure, there is a way to cash in on annual celebrations that make life easy for both your place of business and shoppers everywhere!

Be sure to offer gift cards at your store.

For the many consumers out there who aren’t quite sure what to pick up for their dads, gift cards offer the perfect solutions. As you know, gift cards enable their recipients to purchase anything they like. They make perfect gifts because their buyers never have to worry about choosing the right sizes, styles or colours. They only need to select stores their dads like.

On, Shelley Hunter offers people some pretty sound Father’s Day gift card shopping advice. “If there’s a sports venue in your area, a downtown restaurant dad likes to visit or a local barber shop in town, then get him a gift card to one of those places,” she advises, “By paying attention to the retailers dad regularly visits, picking out the best Father’s Day gift card for him shouldn’t be a problem.”

Promote your gift cards around making dads happy!

Not only should you offer gift cards in your store, you should launch a Father’s Day campaign with a “Make Dad Happy” theme. This is because (as the necktie comment made above suggests), most people tend to buy things they like for their fathers instead of things their fathers would like. It’s always important to keep in mind the likes and dislikes of your gift card recipients.

“On Father’s Day, it may be tempting to get dear old dad something you think he should have, but I suggest getting him something he will enjoy (regardless of your opinion on the item),” says Hunter in a separate article, “The former is a ‘present’ as in, ‘I present this to you’. The latter is a ‘gift.’ Gift cards, of course, should be similarly selfless.”

Gift cards are perfect for last minute shoppers.

Yes, Father’s Day is just a little under a month away. But that doesn’t mean that all shoppers are already searching for the perfect gifts. While it’s wise to start your Father’s Day promotions right away, don’t assume that there won’t be a horde of last minute shoppers coming into your store on the 16th of June.

Gift cards make last minute shopping easy! By having them in your store, you’ll make it a go-to destination for people who are looking to celebrate their dads, but didn’t have much time to go shopping prior to the special day.

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