Do Gift Cards Make Good Graduation Gifts?


Over the course of the next several weeks, a very special occasion will be taking place in the lives of young people all over Canada. They will be graduating from school. Whether it’s from elementary, secondary, college or university, a student’s graduation is a huge milestone. The incredible accomplishment is always recognized by a school-organized convocation and is generally followed up by various family functions where the achievements are celebrated.

And what happens at those functions? Gifts are given, of course! And if it wasn’t already painfully obvious, the answer to the question posed by today’s blog is a resounding “yes”! Graduates, in fact, are the perfect types of people to receive gift cards as gifts. Why? They have their whole lives in front of them and many decisions to make in the near future. Among those decisions are figuring what necessities are immediately needed.

Many graduates will be embarking on new living arrangements.

Is the soon-to-be graduate in your life about to move from his/her dorm into a new apartment? Undoubtedly, such things as furniture, appliances and kitchenware will be needed. A gift card from a store that provides such items will make an ideal graduation gift. As Mara Leighton points out on, a recent graduate is someone who will have to make important personal life decisions.

“Graduates will be moving from dorms to a new place that they\’ll likely take a bit more pride and ownership in, and that calls for an upgrade in bedding,” she writes, “They\’ll probably want to pick it out for themselves, but a gift card is a perfect way to give them a luxury they\’ll be extremely happy to have but maybe couldn\’t justify just yet for themselves.”

Personalize your gift card to commemorate the special occasion.

As we noted, a graduation is a major milestone in the life of a young person. It represents the culmination of many years of hard work and studying. As a result, a great graduation gift should entail an acknowledgement of the efforts your new graduate has exhibited over the past several years. explains how you can use a gift card to add a personal touch to the gift-giving routine.

“To make the perfect graduation gift card, upload a picture of your graduate,” the website suggests, “Whether you use a picture from the past or something current it is easy to make a one-of-a-kind Visa® or Mastercard® gift card. Not feeling creative, choose from one of our popular graduation gift card designs.”

Gift cards give you a range of options.

Leighton reminds us that there is virtually no end to the list of gift card types that would make great graduation gifts. Helping your new graduate to keep up with his/her fitness is just one of many excellent examples.

“Most college students have had free access to a gym for the last few years, courtesy of their tuition,” says Leighton, “Out here in the ‘real world,’ they likely won\’t find free gym memberships to be so plentiful…If you gift a gift card, they can use it to shop which classes and physical activities they like the most before committing.”

Are gift cards available in your store?

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