Exploring The Benefits Of Running A 24/7 Business

\"\"North America is well-known for its 24/7 businesses. Convenience stores and fast food restaurants are among the first places that come to mind when thinking of businesses that are open all night long. Naturally, they provide a great convenience to consumers who may need quick bites in the wee hours of the morning. Of course, there are many other 24/7 services that people like to take advantage of.

While banks are generally open during weekdays, their ATM machines work all around the clock. It’s no secret that any time an individual needs to grab some quick cash, he/she can visit an ATM and withdraw an amount of his/her choosing – up to a certain limit, of course. The point is that with so many different businesses either opening their doors or offering their services on a 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week schedule, it pays to offer your customers the same convenience.

Is it realistic for your business to stay open 24/7? Maybe you can’t keep your doors open all day and all night. Not only is unlikely to be financially feasible, but your business isn’t necessarily one that people may tend to visit at three o’clock in the morning. However, it definitely pays to offer your customer base 24/7 access to your products. The advent of online shopping has provided all business owners from all industries that possibility.

Turning your website into an online store is one of the greatest things you can do for your business. It not only allows you to operate your business around the clock, but it enables you to welcome customers from all around the world to the products you have for sale. Obviously, the internet can be accessed across the globe. So, if you’re looking to expand your business, investing in an e-commerce solution is practically a must.

“Only having brick-and-mortar locations limits your business,” writes Brooke Parker on Payscape.com, “An online shop reaches customers all over the world as well as current clients who don’t have time to shop in store.”

Sophie Hewson of U.K.-based, Twist Interactive Design agrees. “Many people these days are time poor,” she believes, “They don’t want to waste their time by travelling too far to buy what they want…Having an online shop means that you can reach a much larger customer base.”

It’s important to reiterate, however, that setting up an online store also provides a great service to your current customers. It answers the call of the vast majority of Canadian consumers who like to have things made easy for them. Undoubtedly, you have come across customers who would enjoy the idea of having their items shipped directly to their front doors. Netherlands-based, Sana Commerce highlights this fact on their website.

“Good businesses put their clients first, and that means it’s important for your clients to be able to place their orders however they like – whether it’s by phone, fax, email, or online,” the site reads, “But don’t you also want to give customers the opportunity to order whenever they like? The easiest way to provide this service is with a web store. It will enable your company to provide customer-specific prices and products at any time of day (or night), and it will make your business available 24/7.”

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