Gift Cards Make Perfect Father’s Day Gifts


If you’re not selling gift cards in your store, you are currently in the midst of missing out on some major opportunities. With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, shoppers from all over Canada are looking for gifts for their dads – right this second! Shopping for dads, as most people know, is an interesting experience. It can be hard to shop for men who “have everything” or “don’t want anything”.

The truth is that many dads would prefer to pick something out for themselves. They know what they like. All their children need to know is where they like to shop. Not to mention, men tend to enjoy experiences over actual physical products (for example, going to the ball game or out for dinner), so it can be tough to find something to wrap up or put in a gift bag. That is, of course, unless a gift card for that experience can be purchased.

How do gift cards make perfect Father’s Day gifts?

They take the headache out of shopping for Dad and they ensure that Dad gets exactly what he wants. This is actually an important part of gift-giving to fathers as they tend to receive gifts that the recipients want them to have – instead of gifts they themselves really want.

“On Father’s Day, it may be tempting to get dear old dad something you think he should have, but I suggest getting him something he will enjoy (regardless of your opinion on the item),” writes Shelley Hunter on, “The former is a ‘present’ as in, ‘I present this to you’. The latter is a ‘gift.’ Gift cards, of course, should be similarly selfless.”

Hunter goes on to list some of the most popular gift cards for dads and affirms our earlier-made point about ball games. “Does dad love sports?” she asks, “Get him a gift card to an upcoming baseball game, a box of Cracker Jacks and a bag of peanuts. (You know how the seventh-inning stretch song goes). Deliver it all with some game-day gear or even just a copy of the team’s upcoming schedule. Add a note that reads, ‘Have a ball on Father’s Day.’”

Of course, this tip may be easier for Toronto residents who are currently enjoying another season of Blue Jays baseball. However, the point remains that it’s important to get Dad something that he’ll actually enjoy. Hunter admits that she used to buy her father the same type of shirt each and every year for Father’s Day. Her objective was to get something she knew he would like. Gift cards, she writes, does just that.

“Knit fabric, collar with a couple of buttons (never a zipper), no waistband and a single chest pocket to hold his phone,” she explains of her father’s fashion sense, “I bought him that shirt for a few more occasions until switching over to buying gift cards, but my philosophy never changed. I always buy him gift cards that I know he will enjoy using (Hello buffet-style restaurants), because whether you’re buying someone a shirt, a pair of pants or a gift card, the motive should always be the same. Cater to the recipient.”

Are you helping your customers cater to their gift recipients?

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