Go Wireless With The Ingenico iWL220B

\"inegnico\"In 2015, the whole concept of “going wireless” has pretty much become an outdated topic. Isn’t everything wireless nowadays? Smartphones are the norm. Not to mention, every tablet, laptop and iPod certainly doesn’t require to be plugged into the wall. So when it comes to merchant processing, why are some business owners still using old-school technology? Aren’t those wireless terminals amazing?

With them, people can practically make and accept payments anywhere! They are convenient for both store owners and customers alike. And this is especially true for restaurant owners. In the past, we’ve blogged about the fact that when restaurant owners use wireless terminals, it makes everyone’s lives easier. No longer are waiters required to take credit cards away from their owners and walk away.

Now, the terminals are brought directly to the table! At Canadian POS Corporation, we naturally refer to this as “Pay At Table”. Makes sense, doesn’t it? To provide restaurant owners with the ability to accept payments right at the dinner tables, we proudly offer The Ingenico iWL220B. By the way, this amazing wireless terminal isn’t exclusive to restaurants only. It’s perfect for any business that needs to bring their points of sale to their customers!

Food delivery, curbside pick-up services, nail and beauty salons and so many other types of businesses can benefit greatly by bringing their terminals directly to their customers. That way, the card is never out of the cardholder’s possession. This, of course, ensures much greater protection against fraud. The Ingenico iWL220B supports a range of payment types, by the way. They include all credit cards, debit cards and gift cards.

They also accept those EMV chip cards which are becoming the norm. These cards have provided great advances in the fraud protection game. As well, the Ingenico iWL220B has integrated contactless technology that allows customers to simply “tap and go”. With these awesome wireless devices, accepting payments from your customers has never been so easy. Adding this great convenience to their experience with your business is bound to be good news for your bottom line.

Wireless devices are also known for their great ability to help you keep track of all of your transactions. This is especially important in the food delivery business. With all of your delivery personnel out there dropping off your orders, you don’t even have to wait for them to return to count your earnings. No reports are necessary as the transactions keep account of everything. The wireless terminals also help your delivery team to avoid the need for carrying change.

You’re going to be providing quite the convenience to your patrons when you allow them to stay in their seats for the duration of their stays. Some restaurants require customers to visit the cashier in order to pay for their meals. How is that convenient? Wireless terminals keep people comfortable in their booths. The happier your customers are, the more often they will visit your place of business. And going wireless will encourage greater happiness!

Call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 to speak to one of our representatives today. If you’re the owner of a business that could greatly benefit from using a wireless terminal to accept credit cards and debit cards – and what business owner couldn’t benefit? – the Ingenico iWL220B is for you. In 2015, customers are expecting better from the businesses they support. Let’s help you exceed their expectations!

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