Growing Your Gift Card Sales Is Easier Than You Think!

\"\"Do you sell gift cards in your store? If you read our last blog, you’ll know that there are many ways to boost your sales numbers of these highly sought-after items. It’s important to not just assume that people will buy your gift cards. Put efforts into promoting your gift cards and sales will grow. It’s easier than you think!

Put them in highly visible locations of your store.

Most likely, when compared to the rest of the merchandise you have in your store, gift cards are pretty small. That’s why it’s wise to have a gift card display that’s big! Not only should it be large, but it should be placed in a location that’s impossible to miss. Near the cashiers is one great idea. And don’t forget signage and vibrant colours that are in keeping with your brand imaging – anything to make the presence of your gift cards very noticeable.

“Gift cards, quite frankly, are usually an impulse buy,” says Katie on, “Someone will have a great experience at a restaurant or hair salon and then remember their mother’s birthday as they’re standing at the counter to pay…if your customers don’t see your gift cards, they won’t think that you have them. The easier gift cards are to see and buy, the more customers will be inspired to buy them.”

Remind shoppers about what the gift cards can be used for.

Most everyone knows that gift cards are traditionally sold in particular denominations: $10, $25, $50 and $100 are the most popular. However, does everyone who enters your store know what their gift card recipients can buy with their gift cards? Jansen recommends that you highlight the prices of the various products in your store and relate them to the gift card purchases.

Let your customers know that instead of having to worry about a gift recipient’s size, a $100 gift card can get him/her the jacket of his/her choice. On, Monika Jansen agrees that gift card values should be linked to what recipients can purchase. “Instead of just listing the values your gift cards are available in ($25, $50, $100, etc.), offer ideas of what the recipient can buy at each level,” she advises, “This really helps to show how valuable your gift cards are.”

Offer them as rewards.

One way to boost your gift card sales is not to sell all of them! That may sound like a contradiction, but keep the following in mind. It’s important to always be mindful of your brand image. In some cases, people may wish to return items to your store. What can you do to encourage those customers to continue to shop at your place of business if they were previously unhappy? Offering a free gift card will practically force them to come back. At the very least, it may win you a new customer who receives the gift card as a gift.

“If someone is beyond the 30-day return window or has lost a receipt, consider offering them a gift card instead of just denying their refund,” suggests Katie, “That not only makes you appear more customer-focused, it encourages them to come back to your business. In many cases, they’ll even turn right around and use that gift card to make a new purchase that day.”

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