Happy Canada Day From Canadian POS!


On behalf of the entire team, here at Canadian POS Corporation, we’d like to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Canada Day! This year, Canada Day falls on a Sunday, making this coming Monday, July 2nd a statutory holiday. July 2nd just happens to be the birthday of Canadian POS Corporation’s Vice President of Operations, Jeff Szenes. So we’d also like to invite you to wish Jeff a very happy holiday birthday!

If you don’t already, you can keep in contact with Jeff on his LinkedIn page. Today would be a great day to check it out because he has uploaded a fantastic new promotional video for Canadian POS that highlights our company’s great pride in being Canadian. As if the name of our business hadn’t given it away already, we’re quite proud to be Great White North representatives.

“Proudly Unique, Proudly Diverse, Proudly Patriotic”

These are the boldly stated opening texts that are shown in our new promotional video. “Proudly Canadian” the text continues over a waving Canada flag complete with fireworks going off and a thrilling musical score that would serve just as well in a trailer for a blockbuster action movie. “Happy Birthday Canada!” the video concludes.

We encourage you to feel free to share the video as often as you like. The more people you share it with, the better, as far as we’re concerned. As Canadians, we have quite a lot to be proud of. As we point out in the new promo video, Canada’s diversity is just one of the many things that make our country so great.

Research shows Canadians are very proud of our nation’s diversity.

Last week, Monique Scotti of Global News reported that diversity is seen as one of Canada’s greatest attributes. The 2017 survey commissioned by the Privy Council Office found that “65 per cent of respondents agree (strongly or somewhat) that diversity is a defining characteristic of Canada, and 60 per cent agree that diversity is an economic benefit. Nearly 70 per cent said they were proud of Canada’s reputation as an open and welcoming country.”

At Canadian POS, we certainly agree that diversity is a highlight of Canada’s culture. Our staff is a great example of how many different types of individuals with roots from all over the world can unite to make one, cohesive unit. We’re proud of our diverse team, our diverse group of clients and our diverse population that continues to prove that Canada is an excellent place to call home.

Happy Canada Day!

Allow us to reiterate our wishes for you to have an amazing Canada Day long weekend. As we’re sure you may have guessed, Canadian POS will be closed on Monday, but we will open bright and early on Tuesday to serve you. We are open today as well. If you have any questions about any and all of our products and services including the Poynt Smart Terminal, our electronic gift cards or our secure e-commerce solution, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Simply give us a call at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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