Holiday Shoppers Want To Pay With Their Credit Cards


The current holiday shopping season is one that is seeing Canadians flooding the malls on a daily basis to find gifts for their loved ones. It’s both an exciting and hectic time of year for retailers of all kinds. The most successful stores are the ones that accept all methods of payment. Their owners are well aware that holiday shoppers want more than great gifts at awesome discounted prices. They want the freedom to pay for their purchases using the methods of their choice.

What makes credit cards such popular payment choices?

Firstly, they are faster than cash. They are safe and secure methods of payment that involve just a few seconds of inserting the cards and punching in PIN codes. The fact that credit cards allow for such quick transactions makes them more desirable than cash. With cash, customers either have to locate exact change or cashiers have to provide change as part of the transactions. Often, this involves a lot of unnecessary searching and fumbling for appropriate bill denominations and coins.

Secondly, credit cards allow you to sell items that people simply don’t have the cash for. This is especially important during the holiday season when people tend to spend more than normal. Big ticket items are generally paid for with credit cards because they give customers the ability to pay for them over time. How long it takes for a cardholder to pay his/her credit card issuer is none of your concern. Losing a sale because you don’t accept credit cards, however, should be a major concern!

Credit cards offer shoppers special benefits.

As you’re more than likely aware, credit cards do more than simply allow consumers to make purchases and then pay for those purchases over time. Yes, payment flexibility is great. However, many credit card issuers offer additional perks that come with spending on the cards. One of them is purchase protection. On, Maurie Backman explains that putting important purchases on credit cards can help for shoppers to be reimbursed in the event of loss, damage or theft.

“Ever buy something expensive — say, a fancy gadget — only to have it fall from your hands and shatter the moment you take it out of its box?” she asks, “It happens to the best of us, but if you use a credit card for your purchases this season, you\’ll be protected in the event they\’re lost, damaged, or stolen. Cash, on the other hand, won\’t offer that sort of protection, nor will a debit card.”

Credit cards can save shoppers money.

As mentioned earlier, most holiday shoppers hunt for special bargains. But credit card users don’t have to do too much hunting. As Backman explains, many credit card issuers offer price matching as an added bonus to using their cards.

“One of the worst experiences you might have as a shopper is buying something at what you think is the best price and seeing it advertised for $40 lower the very next day,” she writes, “Your credit card company will typically refund you the difference once that lower price becomes available. Better yet, many cards will look out for lower prices for you. How\’s that for service?”

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