How Can A Merchant Cash Advance Help For Your Sales To Pick Up?

\"\"For many Canadian business owners, winter is a slow season. And because they make fewer sales during the colder months of the year, they tend to find it more difficult to invest in their businesses’ growth. Advertising, for example, is a universally popular way to get the word out about a company. But when profits are low, business owners tend to get cold feet about launching any new marketing campaigns.

How can a merchant cash advance improve your company’s slow season? When securing a merchant cash advance, a business owner can invest in any way he/she sees fit. This is one of our program’s biggest benefits. Unlike with bank loans, merchants need not declare exactly what they’ll be using the money for. It’s totally up to them.

So, for example, if a business owner wishes to purchase new inventory, that’s his/her prerogative. If he/she wishes to launch a new advertising campaign, that’s his/her choice. The bottom line is that money is actually made available during a time when it’s usually hard to come by. For many business owners, a slow season is a time when new sales events are introduced. By marking down prices and hosting special events, more customers are intrigued to visit. This helps not only to increase sales but to begin and develop new relationships.

Slow seasons are also perfect times to promote referral programs. It’s wise to incentivize loyal customers by offering them special and exclusive perks for recommending others to the business. Especially during the slow season, it’s very beneficial to find ways to intrigue new customers to visit your store. With a growing customer base, you stand the chance of having slow seasons that aren’t all that slow in the future.

Why is a merchant cash advance your best option during the slow season? Banks like to make sure that they can be paid back when they loan money to business owners. A slow season is probably the worst time for a business owner to request a loan because it’s the time of year when he/she is least able to prove that “business is good” and that the loan can be paid back. Merchant cash advance applications work a lot differently.

The licensed funding specialists at Canadian POS Corporation take a look at a merchant’s sales history in order to determine his/her eligibility. Very specifically, they look at a recent history of credit card and debit card sales. This helps for our team to determine how much a merchant makes, on average, every month. Using this average, we calculate the amount of money the merchant is eligible to have advanced to him/her.

The best part is that it is paid back through a small percentage of the merchant’s credit card and debit card sales. That way, during the slow season, the advance is paid back very slowly. When sales pick up, so do the payments. Because there is no repayment schedule, a merchant cash advance is a business owner’s best option for business growth during his/her slowest months of business!

For more information about our merchant cash advance program, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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