How Can A Mobile Payment Solution Expand My Business?

\"Web\"As we pointed out in our last blog, we’re pretty much living in a wireless world. If you know someone who doesn’t own at least one mobile device – a phone, most likely – then you know a person who belongs in a pretty small group of people. At least, this is how it would appear to be in our modern society. Even when people are physically together in groups, they can’t seem to remove themselves from their mobile devices!

Why is the mobile device craze a good thing for business owners? Well, let’s look, firstly, at the fact that mobile devices, such as your smartphone, tablet or laptop, are all computers. Each of them can be connected to the internet. That means that mobile devices give people the ability to automatically learn more about your business. If you’re advertising your brand and always include your company website in your ads, you’re helping people to discover you right away.

As well, thanks to incredible solutions such as Canadian POS Corporation’s offering of Converge, business owners can turn their mobile devices into point-of-sale terminals. That means that you can accept payments from your customers no matter where you are. Accepting credit cards and debit cards has never been so easy and so fun. And that’s because solutions like Converge can help to expand your business!

How does Converge help you to expand your business? Well, the obvious answer is that it breaks down the walls – so to speak – of your brick and mortar location. With Converge, you no longer have to be bound by the physical limitations presented by your place of business. Using your mobile device, you can make sales on-the-go. No matter where you may be, if you have the opportunity to make a sale, Converge allows you to do it!

This enables you to add new facets to your business you may never have thought of. Sienna Kossman of U.S. News & World Report reveals that some business owners have taken their businesses on the road thanks to mobile payment solutions. She cites Emily Benson, the owner of Boston-based, The Fashion Truck. Admitting that she always wanted to own a shop but didn’t have the capital to open one, she decided to follow the lead of food truck operators for her business.

“I had seen food trucks in New York and I was like, \’Hey, if you can fit a whole kitchen in a truck, how easy would it be to put a store in a truck?\’” Benson is quoted as saying, “I thought it was a great way to keep my upfront expenses lower and also a great way to explore who my customers are.” According to Kossman, Benson has become very successful operating her business as a mobile entity.

In what other ways can mobile payment solutions advance business owners? Kossman goes on to point out that mobile payment solutions enable entrepreneurs to follow more than one dream. For those with busy schedules or who work multiple jobs, mobile payment solutions allow for businesses to be run even when they don’t have physical locations or operate within traditional hours.

For more information about Converge, the mobile payment solution offered by Canadian POS Corporation, give us a call at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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