How Offering Gift Cards Will Boost Your Holiday Sales


The title of today’s blog could easily be reworded to form a question: How could gift cards not boost your holiday sales? It’s no secret that this is the time of year when gift cards reach their pinnacle of popularity. They top the lists of many a wish list and they make shopping a breeze for consumers. We feel that it’s safe to say that it’s downright silly not to offer gift cards to holiday shoppers!

Gift cards can be used to better customer experiences.

On, Kelsey Cohen writes that many business owners overlook opportunities to interact with their customers. Keeping in mind that the average consumer values his/her customer experience over the actual products and services offered by a company, it’s wise for business owners to go the extra mile to make holiday shopping experiences the best they can be for their customers.

Cohen explains how gift cards can be used to provide greater experiences for customers. “Gift cards are the number one most requested item on people’s holiday shopping lists,” she writes, “Many department stores and restaurants will take advantage of this by offering a deal not just for the recipient, but the gift giver as well – buy a $30 gift card to your best friend’s favourite restaurant, get a voucher for a free appetizer on your next visit.”

Gift cards are highly requested each year.

Don’t think that the popularity of gift cards is diminishing any time soon. They continue to be highly sought-after gifts during the holiday season. As mentioned, they make life easy for shoppers (no need to worry about finding the right size, colour or style) and they make life easy for recipients (they can get whatever they want and not worry about having to return unwanted gifts!).

“Gift cards may get a bit of flack for being impersonal, but they’ve proven to rake in sales, especially during the holiday season,” says Francesca Nicasio on, “The NRF found gift cards to be the second most popular gift this year, with 56% of consumers saying they’re planning to give them as presents.”

Gift cards are adored by last-minute shoppers.

Just when you think you’ve sold as much as you’re going to sell during the holiday shopping season, gift cards will boost your sales in the final hour! They’re dreams come true for last minute shoppers who need to make sure they cover everyone on their gift lists.

“Gift cards are a godsend for last-minute shoppers who don’t have time to cook up gift ideas, so see to it that you stock up on them in the coming weeks,” writes Nicasio, “Help your customers out by displaying them at checkout and other prominent parts of your store. Have your associates remind them that you have gift cards in stock.”

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