How Selling Gift Cards Will Improve Your Holiday Sales

\"\"Each holiday season, families all over Canada – and the rest of the world, we’d venture to guess – exchange wish lists so that their members know what to buy for each other as holiday gifts. It’s not a tradition that everyone engages in but it is certainly one that helps for the holiday shopping experience to be a lot easier.

Earlier this week, one of our colleagues shared his family’s yearly wish list tradition with us. “We send out an email with everyone in the family included in it,” he explained, “We list what we want so we all know exactly what to get everyone. It makes it easy to make everyone happy on Christmas. I especially like it when they ask for gift cards. They make my shopping excursions so simple!”

Gift cards are regularly requested as holiday gifts.

When a shopper buys a gift card, he/she knows the recipient will be happy. There are no worries about finding the right size, colour or style of any item since a gift card allows a recipient to purchase whatever he/she desires. It’s no wonder gift cards appear on so many wish lists! If your store doesn’t have gift cards available for its customers, it will definitely lose out on a large number of sales this holiday season.

This is especially important if you’d like to have your business compete with larger retailers. “Gift cards are an incredibly popular option for gifting, and they reduce the risk of returns,” says Carrie Cousins on, “In order to compete with big-box and large scale retailers, you need to offer the same easy shopping experience.”

Gift cards will keep customers coming back.

Never forget that in today’s world, word spreads fast. When you offer gift cards in your store, customers will be sure to let their families and friends know about it. After all, conversations about the best places to shop are had in abundance at this time of year. Not only will selling gift cards increase your sales, but they will grow your customer base as well.

In addition, remember that gift cards give your store the power to welcome new customers on a regular basis. Gift cards, as you know, are gifts. That means with each sale, a recipient who may never have visited you before will end up entering the front doors of your store. Think of your gift cards like business cards. They spread the news about your brand and get people interested in checking it out.

“Gift cards are a great way of expanding your customer base,” asserts Cousins, “Your current customers will often purchase gift cards for their friends and family, hopefully turning them into repeat customers as well. A massive study by First Data found that 11 percent of gift card shoppers are visiting a business for the first time.”

Start selling gift cards today!

At Canadian POS, we offer an electronic gift card solution that has a long history of encouraging repeat business, attracting new customers and boosting sales for our clients – all year long! For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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