How To Better The Dining Experience At Your Restaurant

\"\"Restaurant owners all over Canada have the pleasure of knowing that their industry will never go out of style. People will always get hungry. People will always love food. And people will always love going out to eat. It’s important, however, to remember that people have options.

What makes them want to choose your restaurant over all the others? It’s all about the dining experience. It’s imperative you find ways to make the experiences in your restaurant the best in the business! So how can you do that?

Don’t shy away from freebies.

It only makes sense to start with this suggestion since you’re not likely to find any visitor to your restaurant who will be displeased with getting something for free. Freebies such as refills and bread should come naturally as most restaurant patrons have come to expect them. However, it’s a great idea to surprise your customers with free appetizers and desserts every once in a while. Your generosity is not bound to go unnoticed.

“Restaurants often show appreciation by offering complimentary food and drinks to their guests,” writes Mandy Lynn on, “Offering complimentary small ticket items is a small price to pay to work your way into a customer’s heart, and they will remember you for it.”

Pay attention to your customers.

There are few things restaurant patrons hate more than being ignored. Having to flag down a member of your wait staff is generally reason enough to be displeased with the service. Make sure your team is trained to notice if your diners are out of napkins or if they are in need of water refills. Lynn also recommends that you pay attention to their body language and mannerisms while at the table.

“Miss, I noticed that you’re shivering. Is the temperature too cold for you? Would you like a shawl and some hot water?” Lynn offers as examples of questions your wait staff should ask, “Being attentive to guests before being asked to do so displays care and concern for the customer’s well being. It can be as simple as bringing extra napkins when a customer orders messy food. We appreciate it.”

Offer a quick and easy payment process.

“Your restaurant should have a restaurant POS system in place that makes it very easy for servers to split checks by different cards, by seat number, or by individual item,” says Allie Tetreault on, “Servers may even see higher tips when guests don’t have to wait 15 minutes for the check to be split up at the end of the meal.”

Canadian restaurant patrons also expect to be able to pay for their meals directly at their tables. Gone are the days when their credit cards had to be given up for wait staff members to take to other areas of the restaurants. At Canadian POS, we make it very easy for restaurant owners to process payments directly at the tables. The innovative, wireless Poynt Smart Terminal allows you to process payments anywhere!

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