How To Bring Last Month\’s Shoppers Back To Your Store


Last month, we practically devoted our blog to the topic of holiday shopping. In each entry, we offered a number of helpful suggestions for how you could get your business to enjoy a successful holiday season. With the holiday season now behind us and a new year in full swing, it’s important for Canadian retailers to find ways to keep their sales numbers high.

Naturally, most will experience a bit of a dip. There’s no season quite like the holiday shopping season, is there? However, there are numerous ways to bring last month’s shoppers back to your store all throughout 2019. And it’s all starts with adding a personal touch to your customer experiences.

Provide that personal touch.

In our last blog, we highlighted the importance of getting to know your customers personally. Being able to add a personal touch to your customer interactions will come by way of getting to know your customers so that you can address each of their unique and specific needs. As Ryan Flanagan reports for CTV News, smart retailers know there are benefits from tailoring shopping experiences to each individual shopper.

“Large clothing chains, for example, might allow shoppers to fill out questionnaires about their body and their lifestyle before they ever show up at the store,” he explains, “When they do arrive, they’ll be met by a salesperson who already knows what they might be interested in and which sizes should fit best.”

Reach out to shoppers who supported your brand during the holidays.

Probably a fair fit for the “no-brainer” category, this tip is one that shouldn’t be overlooked because of its simplicity. Contact those who shopped in your store last month. Let them know you appreciate their business, hope they had a great holiday season and are welcome to take advantage of exclusive offers you have this month!

“You’ve likely sold to numerous first-time customers in 2018 (particularly during the holiday season when people bought or received your products as gifts),” writes Francesca Nicasio on, “See to it that you have a plan for getting these customers to come back…Securing the sale from previous buyers will be relatively easy since they already bought from you in the past.”

Do not shy away from utilizing technology.

Not that we have to remind you, but it’s 2019. If you haven’t yet figured out that we’re living in a very technologically-advanced society, you’re literally harming your business. Take advantage of today’s most popular forms of technology. Update your website, put extra energy into using social media and create your company’s app for use on mobile phones.

According to Flanagan, “the beauty industry has been one of the earliest retail adopters of augmented reality, which allows shoppers to scan their faces and see how they would look with different types of makeup applied.” How can your business take advantage of such technology?

At Canadian POS, we greatly enjoy helping Canadian business owners grow their successes exponentially each year by providing the technology that constantly enables boosts in sales. For more information about our fantastic e-commerce solution, please don’t hesitate to call Canadian POS at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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