How To Have A Successful Long Weekend At Your Restaurant


This coming weekend, in Canada, we will be celebrating the Victoria Day long weekend. The unofficial start to summer, which is often called “May 2-4” provides us all with a statutory holiday next Monday. That is, of course, unless you’re a restaurant owner. Chances are you’ll be open. So what can you do to ensure you have a successful long weekend at your restaurant?

Connect with your customers all week long.

Never forget that the most important people to your business are the ones who already support it. It’s far easier (and more cost-effective) to promote your business to current customers than it is to try to reel in new people. Be sure to have quick conversations with your patrons this week. Inform them that you’ll be open during the long weekend and that you’ll have some specials awaiting them.

“Make additional efforts to connect with your customers,” insists Anne Carton on, “Make a close relationship with them while talking and serving by using phrases that establish a real emotional connection with the guests. Spend some money on the ways to giving your guest a memorable personal experience. They will spread a good word of mouth for your restaurant.”

Promote your restaurant as a great place for parties.

Victoria Day long weekend is a time when many Canadians hit up cottage country and/or throw parties with their families and friends. Why not market your place of business as the perfect party location? Not everyone has a cottage. And not everyone is going to head out of town to celebrate the extra day off from work. Let everyone know that, this coming weekend, your restaurant is the party place to be!

“Restaurants and bars with a large space can rent it out for private holiday parties and family reunions,” informs Sabrina Bomberger of, “You can advertise your rental space by posting flyers around your dining space, posting ads in the local paper, or posting on social media. You can choose to simply rent out the area or offer catering services for an added fee.”

Go hard on your social media accounts.

These days, the second best thing to making in-person connections with your customers is to reach out to them online. We don’t have to remind you how popular Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are, do we? Be sure to be get on your profiles and let all of your friends and followers know that this coming Victoria Day long weekend, your restaurant will be welcoming all to visit and enjoy a special menu.

“One of the most effective ways to promote your restaurant business is to take advantage of social media,” says Carton, “Your potential customers are on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. So, create a useful social media page for your business. Then, start posting relevant content to give details and new developments relevant to your restaurant. Make sure that you send tweets regularly on daily basis.”

Don’t forget to make it easy for your customers to settle their bills.

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