How To Make Electronic Gift Cards Your Top Sellers


Most Canadian businesses have turned into online-only entities over the past couple of months. As you know, they’ve had to close their doors in efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It appears as if some businesses are being given the opportunity to open back up to the public again. However, there’s no question that it remains a good idea to focus on keeping online sales strong. Particular attention should be placed on your electronic gift cards.

You certainly don’t need a pandemic to grow your e-commerce business. But because so few people are out and about shopping in the traditional way, e-gift cards are growing in popularity. Consider the fact that birthdays, anniversaries and even graduations are taking place without people being able to congregate in person. What’s the best way to pass along a gift to a loved one you can’t see in person? Digitally – that’s the way to go!

So what can you do to make electronic gift cards your top sellers?

Create a page specifically for your e-gift cards.

Be sure to design a page that fully explains the many benefits of e-gift cards and how they work. Of course, the page should allow your site’s visitors to make direct purchases of these cards. However, it should also provide some valuable information. Consider the fact that many people may not know how e-gift cards work. They are digital products, unlike the physical pieces of plastic that most people visualize when they think of gift cards. Explain that.

Essentially, an electronic gift card is a code that a recipient will receive in an e-mail. With that code, he/she can make purchases on the website of the business the e-gift card represents. It’s arguably the easiest way to send a loved one a gift during the coronavirus pandemic and well into the future!

Place a banner on each of your website’s pages.

Let no visitor of your website be unaware that you have e-gift cards for sale. A banner that appears on every page can provide a double duty. One – it will alert all of your website’s visitors to the fact you have electronic gift cards available. Two – it will serve as a link that takes your visitors directly to the page where the e-gift cards can be purchased and sent to their recipients.  

“If you want to super sell your gift cards, consider placing an eye-catching banner on each of your website pages,” agrees, “Place the banner near the top of the page and use a colour different than the rest to grab their attention from the start.”

Design a pop up ad.

We know what you’re thinking. Pop up ads can be annoying. However, when they are designed and displayed properly, they can be very effective. “You can create a pop-up message for your website that shows your gift card options,” suggests, “For an added bonus, use this pop-up to offer a special discount for those who purchase a gift card from you online.”

Electronic gift cards encourage repeat business, attract new customers and boost sales all year long. To begin taking advantage of them, please don’t hesitate to call Canadian POS at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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