How To Make March A Massive Money-Making Month


Welcome to the month of March! It’s a very exciting time of year – especially if you’re a sports fan. Tuesday, March 17th marks the beginning of March Madness (also known as the 2020 NCAA Division I Men\’s Basketball Tournament). Thursday, March 19th is the first day of spring and Thursday, March 26th is opening day of the 2020 Major League Baseball season!

As a business owner, all of these March happenings give you great opportunities to uniquely advertise your store. So what will you do to make March a massive money-making month?

Go mad with a basketball-inspired contest!

You don’t have to live in the United States in order to be excited about the upcoming American college basketball tournament. March Madness is a widely popular event that has many followers, here in Canada. Consider launching a contest that gets the basketball lovers in your target audience energized. On, Terry Lane suggests you allow customers to fill out their own brackets to make predictions on the winners and to compete with other fans.

“Businesses can use bracket contests and giveaways to reach out to fans and draw in new customers to the business location or website,” he writes, “Offer prizes and rewards to encourage customers to participate in a bracket with your business. Social media is a great way to promote these contests and find local fans. Sometimes advertisers use images of the brackets as part of their tournament-themed campaign ads.”

Spring into action with a “Welcome To Spring Sale”!

Is there a season that is looked forward to more than spring? Okay, well summer is always a popular time of year, but the official end of the winter season is one that many Canadians can’t wait for. Be sure to acknowledge the start of spring with a sale and advertising strategy that will get lovers of warm weather amped up about your brand. On, Karolina Petraškienė recommends that you highlight the most “spring-like” items in your store.

“Delight your subscribers on the first day of spring and invite them to shop for the most important or fashionable products for the new season,” she advises, “Tell them it’s a great occasion for them to update their wardrobes, tool shed or other categories.”

Tickle your customers “blue” with a baseball-themed promotion!

The Toronto Blue Jays will host the Boston Red Sox at the Rogers Centre on opening day. And although the Jays play in Toronto, that doesn’t stop baseball fans all over Canada from cheering on the only Canadian team in Major League Baseball. Are you launching a new product? Have you recently updated a service? Start up a promotion that offers Blue Jays fans some savings.

Take to your social media accounts and request fans to submit pictures of themselves in their favourite Blue Jays attire. Offer discounts to all of those who enter your online contest. Not only will this initiative spark increased interest in your new product or service, it will work to greatly boost your social media following.

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