How To Make Summer Your Hottest Sales Season


In exactly two weeks, summer will officially begin! It’s a time of year that most Canadians very eagerly look forward to. Retailers all across our great nation look forward to it as well. The warm and sunny days encourage people to leave their homes more often. That means there are more shoppers!

It’s important, however, to not simply assume that the soon-to-be-here summertime will automatically translate into increased sales for your business. There are some necessary steps for you to take if you want the summer of 2019 to be your hottest sales season yet!

Launch a contest.

There are few marketing initiatives that generate more excitement than contests. After all, who doesn’t love winning prizes? Offering your customers the chance to secure some valuable freebies is a great way to elicit buzz for your brand and boost sales. However, as points out, it’s also wise to host contests that your employees can participate in. By energizing your sales team, you’re bound to have them increase their efforts in pushing sales.

“See who can close the most deals during summer months,” advises the website, “Give the team a benchmark goal, and remind them about it every day. At the end of the summer, hold a special sales team event to reward the winner and celebrate the summer.”

Partner with another business.

Do you find that summer is actually your slow season? If you sell winter-based items such as skis, snowboards, heavy jackets and boots, your answer is undoubtedly “yes”. If so, why not partner up with another business that may be more likely to welcome customers shopping for summer-based items? By doing so, you can advertise your business to more people than you would without the partnership.

“Collaborating with another business can be a great way to boost sales for both parties,” says April Maguire on, “Because people are often eager to get out of town during the hot summer months, you might want to consider partnering with a travel company or local tour guide business. You can offer customers who spend $25 at your store another $25 in credit with your partner.”

Start a back to school sale right away!

Since school is about to let out for the summer, you may be thinking that a “back to school” sale would be the last thing on the minds of shoppers. Not true. In fact, by getting ahead of the game and launching a back to school sale right way, you’ll be helping consumers prepare for the end of summer well in advance. It’s a great way to outshine your competitors.

“The back-to-school mentality begins to creep in as early as June,” says, “Vacations are winding down. People are preparing to buckle down to non-summer routines…If you can anticipate this shift, you can be a step ahead of it. Many of your customers and clients are preparing for the next big thing — back to work, back to school, back to routine.”

Accept credit cards and debit cards.

Make no mistake about it. Your customers won’t be carrying a lot of cash on them this summer. Accept credit and debit using the revolutionary Poynt Smart Terminal – the world’s first smart terminal! Learn all about it by calling Canadian POS at 1-877-748-2884 or emailing us at info@localhost.

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