How To Make Your Online Store A Hot Summer Destination


If you’re of the mind that online sales are at their absolute hottest during each end-of-year holiday season – you wouldn’t be wrong. If you’re also of the mind that online sales are hard to come by during the summer – you wouldn’t necessarily be right. Of course, the summertime is an amazing part of the year when most Canadians are out and about enjoying the warmth and sunshine while they can. Therefore, you might assume that fewer consumers are shopping online.

With more people leaving their homes and going out, it’s stands to reason that sales in brick and mortar locations have greater chances of rising in the summer. But there’s no reason to think that your company’s online sales have to take a huge hit. There are numerous ways to make your online store a hot summer destination.

Launch a sale on all your summer products.

The first and probably most obvious step to take is to cater to the summer-based needs of your customers. There are many different items that will be in high demand all summer long. Consider the items you sell that are most likely to be highly sought-after during the summer and launch a sale that heavily promotes their availability in your online store.

“Some products practically sell themselves in the summer,” writes Gary Nealon on, “Sunglasses tend to perform well most years, while things such as athleisure wear, sportswear, backpacks and watches are especially hot this year. By thinking about which items will sell particularly well during the summer months, and shelving the ones that aren’t likely to do so well, you’ll be able to keep your business thriving during the summer.”

Make your landing page match your marketing campaign.

It’s essential to promote your latest sales, discounts and in-store events on all of your social media accounts as well as your website. But, insist upon consistency. If people land on your site and don’t see the same marketing materials you’ve distributed elsewhere, it may cause some confusion. Remember how easy it is for internet users to click on one thing and click off the next.

“If you’re using paid ads as part of your sales strategy, there’s a simple tweak that will increase your conversion rates and skyrocket your sales,” insists Neil Patel on his website, “Instead of split-testing a variety of ads and landing pages, work on making them correlate. This congruence will encourage users to sign up and buy the products you have to sell.”

Appeal to an international audience.

There are two really important things to remember about your online store. 1) It enables your business to operate right around the clock and 2) It opens your business up to customers all over the world. Keep in mind that it’s not summer everywhere, as well. In Australia, for example, their winter season takes place during our summer season. How can your products and services cater to their needs this summer?

“Your customers won’t be the only ones traveling this summer,” reminds Nealon, “You can take your business international by expanding your customer base and offering worldwide shipping. Remember, it’s winter on the other side of the world. This is especially ideal if you have a lot of winter stock to shift.”

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