How To Process Sales While Working From Home


With the coronavirus pandemic currently affecting businesses all over the world, many business owners are allowing their employees to work from home. If you’re able to do the same, but haven’t yet, the time is now to allow for it. With social distancing strongly recommended for us all, it only makes sense to do your part to protect both your workers and your customers from the possible spread of COVID-19.

But how will you be able to process sales while you’re working from ho me?

Sell your products online.

At a time like this, it only makes sense to ensure that your customer base is able to get access to your goods through your company website. With so many stores closing their doors in compliance with COVID-19 prevention tactics, your online store is bound to see an increase in traffic. Be sure to have a secure e-commerce solution set up if you haven’t done so already.

The e-commerce solution offered by Canadian POS provides you with everything you need to securely accept credit cards online. And that would be ALL credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Because you’ll have a direct connection to our powerful and reliable processing network, you can eliminate the costs and complexities of dealing with a third-party gateway provider.

Turn your computer into a virtual POS terminal.

If you’re able to process sales over the phone, you don’t necessarily need your store’s POS terminal to be with you. Instead, you can easily accept payments through your desktop computer by turning it into a virtual terminal. At Canadian POS, we offer Converge, which is a complete hosted payment solution that instantly transforms your PC into a “virtual” payment terminal. By doing so, it will take payments quickly and securely, anywhere and at any time!

Your virtual terminal accepts a full range of payment types – from credit and debit cards to electronic cheques and gift cards. You can process transactions face-to-face, through mail order or telephone order and through e-commerce. Converge is designed to accommodate organizations of any size in any business segment. The online account information and robust reporting gives your business the tools needed to manage your payment processing more efficiently and effectively.

Start accepting mobile payments.

Your desktop computer isn’t the only device you own that can be turned into a POS terminal. Your smartphone and your tablet can both provide you with the same capabilities. Converge can also be used to transform your mobile devices into secure mobile payment solutions. So, not only can you take orders over the phone, you can also use your phone to accept a payments!

Converge’s mobile POS system is a secure, complete payment solution that transforms mobile devices into terminals, allowing you to accept payments quickly and securely anywhere, any time without a major investment of money or effort.

At Canadian POS, we recognize that the coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed things for your business for the foreseeable future. We’d like to help you get through this crisis. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to let us know what solution would best fit your needs while you’re working from home. Call us at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost today!

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