How To Showcase Your Brand’s Canadian Pride

At Canadian POS, we’re very proud of the fact that we’re a Canadian business. Can you tell? The name of our company was specifically chosen to showcase our pride in servicing business owners who own and operate their companies in the big and beautiful nation located just north of the United States.

As a Canadian business owner, you should know that there are many benefits to showcasing your brand’s Canadian pride. Doing so will endear your company to consumers who are just as proud to be waving around the red maple leaf when discussing their nationalities. So what are the best ways to showcase your brand’s Canadian pride?

Add a maple leaf to your company logo.

What could be more Canadian than having a maple leaf as part of your branding? One look at the Canadian POS logo and you know that this suggestion falls squarely in the “practice what we preach” category. Adding a maple leaf to your already-designed logo should be easy. Even non-Canadian franchises with locations north of the border have adopted this practice. Fast food chain, McDonald’s has a red maple leaf in the middle of its golden arches while Wendy’s uses a little maple leaf as an apostrophe in its logo.

Professional sports teams that play in Canada have made a habit of this as well. The Toronto Blue Jays have long incorporated the maple leaf in their logos. As the only Canadian team in Major League Baseball, the Jays are well aware they represent the entire nation. The Toronto Raptors have also created a number of alternate logos and jerseys utilizing the maple leaf. They too have a huge nationwide fan base.

Launch a campaign focused on diversity.

There are few things more Canadian that the concept of love and acceptance of people from all walks of life. The multiculturalism that exists in our wonderful nation is representative of the widespread acceptance of immigrants from all over the world. An advertising campaign that highlights this fantastic feature about Canada is a great way to showcase your company’s national pride.

“If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from interacting with Canadian professionals and patients every day, it’s that no two Canadians are alike,” writes Andrew Sloss on, “We’re all different, and we all hold different points of view about what it means to be Canadian. There are so many values that we share, and we don’t let an overriding national identity interfere with our celebration of differences.”

Register a website with a .ca domain name.

If you have a Canadian-based business and its objective is to specifically service a Canadian audience, it’s a good idea to have a company website with a .ca domain. This easily identifies your company as Canadian.

“89 percent of Canadian Internet users think it is important for Canadians to have a .CA domain name — and Canadians live online,” reports Nancy King on, “Compared to 11 other countries, they doubled the world average at 45.6 hours online per month. These Canadians are you, me, your customers — you know the people with credit cards who want to buy the stuff you’re selling?”

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