How To Use Gift Cards To Encourage Repeat Business


In our last blog, we reminded you of the importance of having an eye-catching display at your checkout. Among the many things that you can display at your checkout are your store’s gift cards. Encouraging impulse purchases is a huge way to boost revenue. But making gift cards a big part of those impulse purchases is what will help you to encourage repeat business.

“Believe it or not, many people buy gift cards on the spur of the moment,” explains Cole on, “A customer will be at the register, notice your gift cards and suddenly remember that they need a present for their brother’s wedding or aunt’s birthday. Since they already have their wallet out, it’s an easy decision to get a gift card at the same time.”

Promote your gift cards online and offline.

Gift cards are often purchased for fans of particular stores. However, they’re also often purchased for people who may be getting introduced to stores for the first time. So don’t rest on your laurels. Promote your gift cards as if no one has ever heard of your store before. That requires you to put efforts into both your online and offline marketing methods. reminds us that it’s important to have your gift card program visible in both your store and on your store’s website. The site especially advocates for reaching out to your customers during the holiday season to remind them of your gift cards. But, it’s important to remember that gift cards are popular all year round. So a great way to keep their sales high is to promote your gift card program through community involvement.

Donate a gift card to a fundraising raffle.

“The organization buys gift cards from your company at a discount – perhaps 20% below face value,” offers as a possible scenario, “You are paid upfront for the gift cards, and the organization sells your gift cards at face value or even at a 10% discount, keeping the difference.”

No matter what, you’ll be able to take advantage of the marketing buzz generated from the charity or school. This can turn supporters into new long-term customers.

Use social media to market your gift cards.

Have we ever dissuaded business owners from using social media? Never – and when it comes to promoting gift cards, our tradition holds tight. In today’s world, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the most popular ways for messages to be delivered and received. This is especially true for members of our younger generation. Simply put, it makes no sense to not use social media to promote your gift cards.

“Brand loyalty on social media is powerful,” insists, “For example, 71% of Millennials want a gift card from a brand they follow on Facebook. What’s more, 51% of Millennials are interested in sending digital gift cards through social media channels…Advertise your digital gift cards on your social media platforms or create organic posts that can attract consumers to purchase a gift card right then and there.”

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