Interac Acceptance A Big Plus For Vanish My Waist

\"grim\"This coming Monday, September 7th will mark the closing of Toronto’s annual fair known as the Canadian National Exhibition. Also known as the CNE or The Ex, for short, the yearly summer tradition in one that is filled with rides, food, games, live shows and a ton of incredible things to buy. In the Direct Energy Centre, each year, vendors from all walks of life place their items on display and demonstrate to walkers-by the wonders of their products.

One such merchant is Vanish My Waist. The brand new company is owned and run by Scarborough’s Charlene Drakes, who is making her first appearance at the Direct Energy Centre this year at booth 1024. Her incredible products – “cinchers” which are designed to help women reduce their waistlines – have been selling amazingly over the course of the The Ex’s festival since it opened on the 21st of August.

At just $60 a piece, her Vanish My Waist “cinchers” have been even greater successes than the young entrepreneur had first assumed. Upon visiting her booth a couple of weeks ago, Canadian POS Corporation learned that Drakes was accepting Interac as a method of payment from her customers. Noticeably, most vendors, on the CNE grounds, tend to be cash-only. This is especially true in the Food Building where many vendors display “cash only” signs.

The same is not true for the Direct Energy Centre, however. And vendors such as Vanish My Waist are greatly benefitting from giving their customers the option to pay with plastic. Drakes was kind enough to share her views about the benefits that debit card acceptance has been giving her company during its run at the CNE. “Giving my customers Interac as a payment option was one of the best business decisions I could have made,” she told us.

When asked what she felt was the best aspect of accepting Interac, Drakes was quick to mention that there is a particular trait about CNE visitors that make the option incredibly beneficial. “As a first time trade show exhibitor, I realized that people walk with a certain amount of money so they don\’t over spend,” she informed us, “But – by offering Interac, the customer has no excuses for not making the purchase.”

Evidently, plastic acceptance provides frugal shoppers with more options. Considering that most people tend to prefer carrying limited cash, the option to pay with Interac inspires purchases that may not have otherwise been made. For many people, carrying limited cash on their persons is a safety issue. Naturally, it diminishes the potential for loss or theft. And this same benefit is provided to The Ex’s many vendors.

“I also love the fact that I don\’t have to leave the grounds with a lot of money on me,” shared Drakes, “With Interac, the money is deposited right in to my business account. Safe and easy.” Evidently, it certainly pays to be plastic-friendly if you plan on selling your goods on the grounds of the CNE. So if you’re looking to visit during the long weekend, you would be wise to walk with your debit card on you.

As a business owner, it would certainly be wise to offer your customers the option of paying with their debit cards. It has definitely paid dividends for Vanish My Waist. Of course, you don’t have to wait until next year’s festival to begin your plastic-friendly venture. To begin accepting both debit cards and credit cards using either Countertop or Wireless POS terminals, don’t hesitate to call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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