Introducing The Poynt Smart Terminal!

You may have noticed a new little wrinkle on the Canadian POS Corporation website. When you visit our site and are welcomed by our home page, you’ll notice a slightly new design. You’ll also notice a new video, courtesy of Vimeo, over to the right. Interestingly, the screen capture for the video displays the words “It’s the first terminal you’ll love”. We hope that this will intrigue you to click the “play” button. We’ve included this very video below. Go ahead and watch!

So what is this terminal you’re bound to love?

It’s called the Poynt Smart Terminal. And, as the video describes, it’s the “last one you’ll need”. The Poynt Smart Terminal is the world’s first smart terminal and it can process all payments at any time with the security and convenience you should expect from your payment solution.

The terminal provides a single slot for both magnetic stripe and chip cards. It also comes with an NFC reader for “all that future stuff”. There is one screen for you and one for your customers. Your screen allows you to process orders while the other allows customers to sign their signatures.

The Poynt Smart Terminal is designed to fit any counter and any situation. So whether you own and operate a traditional retail store or you run a restaurant, this terminal is ideal. You see, you can keep the Poynt Smart Terminal at your cash register or bring it to the table so that customers can make payments for meals without having to relinquish their cards or visit another location of your eatery.

The Poynt Smart Terminal also comes with a built-in printer and scanner. However, it also allows you to connect other devices. As the video describes, those devices can range “from printers and cash registers, to barcode scanners and ECRs too.”

By using a Poynt Smart Terminal at your place of business, you will also get access to Poynt HQ. This is the command centre for your business. As the website details, this allows you to manage your business anywhere. “Poynt HQ lets you manage your business where and when you like,” the site explains, “View reports, real-time statistics, or setup a new user all via mobile, web, or on your terminal.”

What are the other benefits of the Poynt Smart Terminal?

It has EMV built-in so there are no dongles or extensions needed. It can be connected with 3G, WiFi or both. It comes with extended battery life that allows you to process wireless payments for up to eight hours. There is a built-in receipt printer that provides your customers with print, email or text receipts. And, as mentioned, it is pay-at-table ready making it the perfect payment solution for restaurants.

“Two screens. All business,” describes, “The world’s first smart terminal has created a standard for an impeccable payments experience for merchants and customers.” For more information about this fascinating new wireless payment solution, please don\’t hesitate to call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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