Making Gift Card Sales Grow With Three Weeks To Go!


It’s official. As of today, Christmas is three weeks away! For kids all over Canada, the anticipation of Santa’s inevitable arrival is reaching peak levels. For parents all over Canada, the need to complete holiday shopping is of the extreme nature. And, for business owners all over Canada, the importance of maximizing sales has never been more important!

Make no mistake about it. If you’re a business owner looking to enjoy a hugely successful holiday season, you need to sell gift cards. As Ryan Gilmore emphatically states on, \”there’s no doubt the demand for gift cards is out there.\” He cites a 2016 BlackHawk Network survey that had 81 percent of respondents reporting that gift cards would account for up to half of the holiday gifts they would buy for others.

On, Agnes Teh Stubbs corroborates these findings. “A 2017 holiday shopping survey by the National Retail Federation of almost 7,000 consumers found that gift cards topped consumer wish lists at 61 percent, while 59 percent were planning to give gift cards,” she reveals.

So how can you make your gift card sales grow with three weeks to go?

Make them visually stimulating.

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, it only makes sense to give your gift cards a holiday-themed design. You don’t have to stick to a simple brand logo design only. “Create something unique and eye-catching,” encourages Gilmore, “Not only will this help your gift cards stand out in-store, but if you create a physical card that’s enticing enough that people want to show it off to their friends, it will also help you generate more brand awareness.”

Make them highly visible all throughout your store.

There’s no rule that says that your gift cards may only be located in one section of your store. Create numerous displays throughout your shop, including, of course, the checkout counter. “Make it easy for customers to find your gift cards in store,” insists Stubbs, “It could be something as simple as putting up signs that say ‘Ask about our gift card promo’ or ‘Give the perfect gift card,’ either at your checkout counter or around high-traffic areas of your store.”

Make them highly visible all throughout your website.

Of course, your store isn’t the only place where your gift cards should be sold. Your online store is a great place to highlight these highly sought-after gifts. Stubbs points out that shoppers often look for ways to send instant gifts electronically.

Therefore, “offering e-gift cards has become a prerequisite for any retailer that wants a slice of that growing pie,” she explains, “With e-gift cards, customers don’t even have to come into your store to buy your card; they can simply go to your website and make a purchase. Your job is to make it easy for them.”

At Canadian POS, we proudly offer Canadian business owners the ability to take advantage of electronic gift cards. They are known to encourage repeat business, attract new customers and boost sales all year long. Our electronic gift card solution maximizes stored value card sales with a complete package of marketing features.

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