Making Your Restaurant A Go-To Holiday Meal Destination

\"\"Oh, the holiday season is here! Don’t you just love it? As an entrepreneur, it’s a time of year when your sales have the potential to be the highest they’ve ever been. But, as an everyday person, the holiday season is just such a wondrous time – one when being with family and friends is a huge part of the enjoyment. If you’re a restaurateur, you likely have the pleasure of experiencing both benefits!

Who doesn’t like to go out to eat during the holidays? Your restaurant has the ability to welcome more customers in the weeks to come than at any other point of the year. Be sure to promote your place of business as a go-to holiday meal destination. Want to know how?

Market your restaurant as the perfect place for parties.

During the holiday season, numerous businesses are looking for places to host their holiday parties. You have the opportunity to cash in big by advertising to businesses that your restaurant is the perfect place to host Christmas dinners and office parties. As Sabrina Bomberger explains in the Webstaurant Store Blog, restaurants and bars can make big bucks by renting out their spaces for private holiday events and family reunions.

“You can advertise your rental space by posting flyers around your dining space, posting ads in the local paper, or posting on social media,” she writes, “You can choose to simply rent out the area or offer catering services for an added fee. Don’t forget to decorate this area for the season to create an intimate and comfortable atmosphere.”

Cater to out-of-towners.

You know what else the holiday season is famous for? Bringing people in from out of town to visit relatives! As highlights, the hotels in your area are bound to fill up over the forthcoming weeks. Make sure that everyone who is visiting your neck of the woods is aware of your restaurant.

“How will your restaurant attract these hungry vacationers?” the website asks, “Reach out to local hotel concierges! Think about hosting a lunch event with food and beverage samples, that way when they offer restaurant advice to hotel guests they will know just where to send them!”

Promote your restaurant’s gift cards.

Not only do people love dining out during the holidays, they love to buy gift cards as holiday gifts. This offers your business a 2-in-1 special – so to speak. Be sure to advertise your restaurant’s gift cards to ensure that you maximize sales numbers during the holiday shopping season.

“Gift cards and certificates offer an easy way for your customers to gift your delicious food to their loved ones,” says Bomberger, “An easy method to improve gift card sales during this time is to offer customers an extra incentive with the purchase of a gift card. For example, you can sell cards at a discounted rate ($50 gift card for $45) or offer a free $10 gift card with each $50 gift card purchase.”

Are gift cards available at your restaurant?

At Canadian POS, we offer an electronic gift card solution that has a long history of encouraging repeat business, attracting new customers and boosting sales for our clients – all year long! For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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