Making Your Restaurant An Attraction For Raptors Fans


You don’t have to be a basketball fan to know that one of the biggest events taking place in Canada right now is the NBA Finals. After 24 years in the league, the Toronto Raptors have finally made their way towards an opportunity to becoming NBA Champions – and the entire nation feels electric!

Last night’s game, however, put a bit of a damper on things. Up by five points at halftime, the Raptors looked primed to pick up a 2-0 series lead on the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors. Unfortunately, a victory was not to be as the Warriors stormed back in the third quarter and eventually closed the game out with a five point lead.

Make no mistake about it. The Raptors are still very much in this series. As the teams travel to Oakland for Game 3 on Wednesday, sports fans all across Canada are still very much abuzz. This means great things for your restaurant. You’ve undoubtedly already experienced spikes in business on days when the Raptors are playing. What can you do to capitalize on that all throughout the NBA Finals?

Name menu items after the Raptors!

Why not advertise that your restaurant is so Raptor fan-friendly, it offers items that are named after members of the team? Kawhi Cakes, Lowry Salads, Gasol Soups and Pascal Fries all around! Okay, we’re sure you can come up with better names than that…but you get the picture. Catering to Raptors fans over the next couple of weeks is bound to fill your seats even on days when there are no games.

“Name drinks or dishes after local sports teams or players,” encourages, “Number your menu with the hometown team’s jersey numbers. Print disposable menus or drink lists with stats charts on the back, so fans can track how their team is performing over the course of a game. In short, lean into the minutiae of what it means to be a hardcore fan.”

Go live online during game time.

It’s important to show just how happening an establishment you own. Utilizing social media to demonstrate the high energy-nature of your restaurant is a great way to attract more customers. Everyone is on social media – no secret there. So why not go live on Instagram or Facebook during game time to show everyone who isn’t in your restaurant that it’s the place to be?

“Facebook itself advises businesses to use live videos – stating they get 6 times the interaction as regular videos,” informs, “During an event… or when an exciting game is on, grab your smartphone and press record. Facebook alerts followers that you’re live – and shows off the action they’re missing.”

Rent out a party room.

All during the NBA Finals, people will be gathering in big groups to watch the games together. Make your restaurant a go-to destination for big parties by advertising that party rooms are available for rent. According to, “renting out party rooms also gives you an opportunity to crowd control a bit during big events, plan and divide your staff responsibilities more thoughtfully, and guarantee a minimum amount of revenue for larger crowds.”

Be sure to make bill settlement simple.

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