Online Holiday Shopping Expected To Break Records This Year

\"OnlineWelcome to Black Friday! If you’re a Canadian retailer, you just may be too busy today to read this blog. However, it’s our sincere hope that after you enjoy a day of record-breaking sales, you take the opportunity to do some light reading. You see, in today’s blog, we’ll be explaining just how important it is for you to gear up for the next busiest shopping day of the season – Cyber Monday.

It should come as a surprise to no one that 2017 is anticipated to produce the largest online holiday shopping numbers of all time. With each passing year, online shopping becomes more popular. And, of course, there is never a more popular time of year than the holiday shopping season for online shopping. With a month to go before Christmas Day, retailers from all over Canada can expect a huge surge in online sales.

Cyber Monday expected to be huge!

As Erica Alini reports for Global News, people from all over Canada are gearing up to do some big holiday spending online. Undoubtedly, no day will be busier than this coming Monday.

“More and more Canadians are doing some or all of their shopping online, with a whopping 77 per cent of them planning to do at least some of their spending on Amazon this year, according to consultancy PwC,” she writes, “Much of that shopping will probably happen on Monday, which is the most popular day for digital purchases not just during the holiday season but throughout the year. That’s likely because consumers get an itch to cross items off their to-do’s list when they return to work after the weekend.”

2017 set to be biggest online holiday shopping year ever!

As mentioned earlier, it is being predicted that 2017 will break records in the world of online holiday shopping. On, Giselle Abramovich explains that the Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) team has analyzed 1 trillion visits to over 4,500 retail websites, 55 million SKUs, 12 million social mentions and 1,100 U.S. consumer surveys to come with their annual “Holiday Predictions” report. And guess what they discovered?

“ADI predicts online holiday sales will reach $107.4 billion, which is a 13.8% increase from the same period last year,” reveals Abramovich, “While we’re still talking double digits, revenue growth during the online holiday season has been slowing since 2015, ADI noted. That said, growth continues to outpace overall retail growth during the holidays—13.8% online vs. 3.8% overall, according to ADI.”

She also explains, that according to ADI, 31 percent of shoppers report that they plan on spending more online this year than they did last year. Of course, this presents many great opportunities for online retailers. It’s up to them to ensure that their company websites provide top-of-the-line shopping experiences.

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