Online Holiday Shopping Predicted To Be Huge

\"GiftIt’s no secret that online shopping is popular. In fact, that would actually be an understatement! And, it certainly should come as no surprise to anybody that this is the time of year when online shopping reaches unparalleled highs. Consumers from all over Canada will be flocking to the internet – if they haven’t already – to make their holiday gift purchases. Is your business getting in on the action?

Just this past Friday, a number of fascinating predictions were released by Jaz Frederick on They are based on studies that were conducted by Forrester, Adobe, eMarketer, Deloitte and National Retail Foundation. As you may have imagined, they indicate that online shopping will bring businesses from all over the world a lot of money this year. Evidently, it pays to sell your products online.

Online sales are predicted to exceed $95 billion, which represents an 11% growth from 2014 holiday sales. This prediction, which comes by way of Forrester, demonstrates just how much growth there is in online holiday shopping on a yearly basis. Forrester also predicts that e-commerce sales will make up at least 15% of all holiday sales and that 40% of the growth in overall holiday sales will come from online shopping.

Online sales are projected to reach a record $83 billion, an increase of 11% year over year. Adobe is responsible for this prediction which also speaks to the fact that online shopping significantly grows in popularity on a year-to-year basis. Adobe also predicts that “Cyber Monday sales are expected to total $3 billion (and) Black Friday online sales are expected to reach $2.7 billion.”

68% of 2015 e-commerce sales will likely amass from holiday-related retail sales. This prediction, provided by eMarketer, points out that online shopping is very commonly associated with holiday shopping. Naturally, it happens all year. But this is the time of year when it is obviously at its peak. eMarketer also predicts that “e-commerce is projected to be responsible for 9% of holiday retail sales.”

Digitally-influenced sales are predicted to affect 64% (or $434 billion) of in-store sales. Interestingly, this Deloitte prediction comments upon the internet’s ability to boost sales at brick-and-mortar locations. They also believe that consumers are bound to increase their holiday spending by 12.5% this season and spend 11% more on their holiday gift purchases. 75% of shoppers intend to spend more than they did last year, Deloitte reports.

Online sales will likely increase between 6 and 8 percent to as much as $105 billion. This forecast has been made by National Retail Foundation. They also expect retailers to enjoy a growth in holiday sales. It is predicted that nearly a fifth of the retail industry’s annual sales will come by way of holiday shopping. Total sales across all industries are expected to jump by 3.7% this year for a total of $630.5 billion, says NRF.

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